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 Achilles Tendinopathy

  Also known as Achilles tendinitis, it is a lump in the Achilles tendon. I have noticed this lump on my right leg for about a week or so. It is obvious when contrasting it with my left side which … Continue reading

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Putting “Fear” In Perspective

  Fear has a bad reputation in our culture – it is perceived as a negative and weakness. In actuality, fear is not all bad. Being afraid is normal. After all it is one of the fundamental human emotions.  It … Continue reading

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Police Violence

  The phrase “Police Violence” is an oxymoron, but a real life one in America. Police’s job is to serve and protect the community by enforcing the laws. But more and more reports are coming to the surface about police … Continue reading

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The Voice Inside

  Over the years, we have learned to trust the voice inside our heads. Call it instinct, judgement, experience, or whatever. The voice is usually a reliable go-to source. Except when it distracts us from what is in the present … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Skills

  Knowledge and skills do not go hand-in-hand necessarily.  Knowledge can be acquired relatively easy now-a-day with the help of internet.  Skills on the other hand takes time, or more precisely experience, to hone.  Preferably the relevant experience. The famed … Continue reading


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On Being Chronic

  Being chronic has a connotative association to things negative.  Chronic disease, chronic worrying, chronic illness . . . Whatever the situation, being chronic implies a long term happening that will wear us down.  It saps our energy, choice, or … Continue reading

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Writing As An Exercise

  ”Use-it-or-lose-it,“ everyone has heard it before. And I bear witness to that saying as absolutely true. More so as I grow older and my motivation for writing. You see, our mind trick us, thinking that we got it. Whatever … Continue reading

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Life’s Balancing Act

; Navigating through life means a perpetual balancing of one’s foci, and by extension what to let go.  We all know we can’t control everything.  By focusing on what we want & where we want to go, we leave the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 May 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, clarity is rare while uncertainty is rampant. Nobody knows how it will end.  Meanwhile, bad news fill the page: economy tanking, death toll climbing, unemployment skyrocketed. The future as far as anyone can tell is gloomy. … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of Erie

  Almost a month, twenty-five days to be exact, has passed since my incredulous race of  2019, the Erie Marathon.  Most of physical demands from the race have faded.  A slight twinge in my right ankle lingers.  Time to say … Continue reading

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