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Reblog: Emotional Urge Surfing

Originally appeared in The Carousel, a lifestyle media brand, author Irena Geller introduced this idea of emotional urge surfing as part of weight control on emotional eating.  But the concept can apply to many other areas dealing with emotional urges … Continue reading

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 Achilles Tendinopathy

  Also known as Achilles tendinitis, it is a lump in the Achilles tendon. I have noticed this lump on my right leg for about a week or so. It is obvious when contrasting it with my left side which … Continue reading

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Putting “Fear” In Perspective

  Fear has a bad reputation in our culture – it is perceived as a negative and weakness. In actuality, fear is not all bad. Being afraid is normal. After all it is one of the fundamental human emotions.  It … Continue reading

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Police Violence

  The phrase “Police Violence” is an oxymoron, but a real life one in America. Police’s job is to serve and protect the community by enforcing the laws. But more and more reports are coming to the surface about police … Continue reading

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The Voice Inside

  Over the years, we have learned to trust the voice inside our heads. Call it instinct, judgement, experience, or whatever. The voice is usually a reliable go-to source. Except when it distracts us from what is in the present … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Skills

  Knowledge and skills do not go hand-in-hand necessarily.  Knowledge can be acquired relatively easy now-a-day with the help of internet.  Skills on the other hand takes time, or more precisely experience, to hone.  Preferably the relevant experience. The famed … Continue reading

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On Being Chronic

  Being chronic has a connotative association to things negative.  Chronic disease, chronic worrying, chronic illness . . . Whatever the situation, being chronic implies a long term happening that will wear us down.  It saps our energy, choice, or … Continue reading

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Writing As An Exercise

  ”Use-it-or-lose-it,“ everyone has heard it before. And I bear witness to that saying as absolutely true. More so as I grow older and my motivation for writing. You see, our mind trick us, thinking that we got it. Whatever … Continue reading

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Life’s Balancing Act

; Navigating through life means a perpetual balancing of one’s foci, and by extension what to let go.  We all know we can’t control everything.  By focusing on what we want & where we want to go, we leave the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 May 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, clarity is rare while uncertainty is rampant. Nobody knows how it will end.  Meanwhile, bad news fill the page: economy tanking, death toll climbing, unemployment skyrocketed. The future as far as anyone can tell is gloomy. … Continue reading

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