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Week In Review – 11 Dec 2022

Three weeks left in 2022. Judging by the numbers, we are doing not so hot. Some would bury their heads in sports & entertainment as if even a little  escape from the reality could help. I suppose that it could. … Continue reading

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It’s May 2022

  Yesterday , 1 May, marked the beginning of a new month and the warmer weather for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere. Temperature in the Washington DC area today shot above 80 degree (Fahrenheit). Boom! What a way to … Continue reading

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Politics with A Big P

When the weight of the world is weighing you down, realize it is really what’s between your two ears that is topsy-turvy. Chances are the world will revolve as it always have, and the sun will come up the same … Continue reading

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Fear Of Losing Control

  I love getting organized – everything in its place, squared away.  But deep down, I think it really has more to do with control.  In that,  I want to control chaos before it overtakes me.  And getting organized is … Continue reading

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Another Lost Year?

  Time flies, whether you admit it or not.  April is upon us.  Mr. Biden has been on the job for 70 days.  Looking back, the year 2020 was buried by the news of Coronavirus pandemic. And its impact continues. … Continue reading

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Reliable News?

With fake news, fact checkers, and other social media, it makes one’s head spin as to figuring out which news source reports fact, opinion, or fiction.  Ideally with enough time in reading multiple news outlets, one can make a more … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 Nov 2020

  On the week before the Thanksgiving, to some it may seem there is little to be thankful for at this time in America. Coronavirus is raging with close to a quarter of the the US infections reported in this … Continue reading

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Reblog: “Hope is a choice” 

Every time I read the news, I couldn’t help but get a little depressed. As Krista Tippett, host of the NPR’s On-Being, pointed out that “Journalism, the way it came down to us from the 20th century, is absolutely focused, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 10 May 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, clarity is rare while uncertainty is rampant. Nobody knows how it will end.  Meanwhile, bad news fill the page: economy tanking, death toll climbing, unemployment skyrocketed. The future as far as anyone can tell is gloomy. … Continue reading

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Witnessing History

  Without a doubt, we are in a period that will be recorded in history as the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.  While in it, uncertainty of the contagious disease’s track creates anges and other heartfelt emotions for all.  Completely natural … Continue reading

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