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Getting Warm In DC

  The temperature shot up to 82 degree (Fahrenheit) in Washington DC today. Thirty degrees above Monday’s (spring equinox). While a welcoming warm up, what follows this rise in temperature is the pollen count. After all the plants and animals … Continue reading

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Sound Of Spring, Part 2

  Maybe it was my imagination, I heard the birds chirping outside of my window while meditating this morning. Yes, the Spring equinox was yesterday (20 Mar 2023). And I have this tendency for self fulfilling prophecy like feeling the … Continue reading

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March Rambling Thoughts

  It’s a symphony. Between the swirling winds outside and the humming furnace inside, quite a lively day I am having.  At least for Washington DC area, the nor’easter spared us the heavy snow this time, only the high winds … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 5 Mar 2023

First weekend in March. Today, a sunny day in the nation’s capital.  The natural light paints every living things with a golden glow. Am I hearing the steps of an early Spring coming or just a teaser? Typical of every … Continue reading

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Arctic Blast Is Here

  The Arctic blast has arrived the Northeast. Luckily, Washington DC is on the fringe of this powerful ice storm.  We don’t get the  dread precipitation, just the cold wind chills. Even so, I made sure to bundle up and … Continue reading

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It’s February

  At last, I flip over the desk calendar to a new page. It is February, finally. Maybe it’s the seasonal effect, but the month of January for me was excruciating, glacially slow, and filled with not so upbeat news. … Continue reading

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My Coldest Run

  While visiting Fairbanks, Alaska last September, I experienced a thermo-chock. The local temperature was 27 degree Fahrenheit. I couldn’t stay outdoor long without freezing my buns. That was then. Today, Washington DC was under the spill of an extreme … Continue reading

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Severe Winter Storm Alert

“Rain, rain go away. Come again another day . . . ”  It has been raining all day. Streets and sidewalks are swept clean of leaves and any foot traffics.  I suppose it could be a lot worse as a … Continue reading

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On Being Professional

  On a freezing, wet, dreary day like today, my first choice is to stay in bed. Not bother with this nasty weather, traffics, and all the yucky stuffs. But I got up after a while. Days like this reminds … Continue reading

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Winter Exercise Rut

  Looking at the phone through my sleepy eyes, the forecast says it’s cold outside which makes the bed feeling even more nice and warm. Going out for a run in the winter takes a special persuasion. Similarly, holidays are … Continue reading

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