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Wind Chill

  Outdoor person I am not, other than I do run outdoor.  Running brings me various exposures to people, places, and things.  Therefore, I appreciate the options to traverse outdoor.  Everywhere I visit, if possible, I lace up and explore … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 16 Aug 2020

The month of August is halfway over. One would think we begin to see the backside of the Summer from now on. In reality, not so fast. Ask folks in the western US states, and you will get a different … Continue reading

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Calm After The Storm

  Tropical storm Isaias came to Mid-Atlantic last night and went off to New England by noonish today. Behind it, we were left with a decent weather of low humidity, gentle breeze, and temperatures in the mid-80’s (Fahrenheit). Other than … Continue reading

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Summer Rant

The temperature has been consistently above 90 degree Fahrenheit for the past week or so. (Above is an actual shot of my outdoor thermometer from today). And on top of that, the  humidity or more precisely the dew point can … Continue reading

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Polar Vortex In The Forecast

  The arctic jet stream from the North will pay us at the Mid Atlantic a visit this weekend. If we get snow, it will be a first for me this late in the year.  Either way, I will be … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 15 Mar 2020

First the status on the COVID-19:  169,354 infected, 6,500 deaths, 76,618 recovered worldwide and  3,667, 68, & 59 respectively in the US.  Still no vaccine nor cure yet. Now the disease has been declared a pandemic, notifications of the COVID-19 … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here

  Even though first day of Spring is still 10 days away according to the calendar, my senses tell me that it is already here.  How do I know? You ask. One, temperature forecast has today’s high as 72 degree … Continue reading

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February Musing

Amazingly, It’s last week of February, and we haven’t seen much of snow this season. February is supposed to be the coldest time of the year around here.  But the temperature has been relatively mild. So much so, I took … Continue reading

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Who Is Complaining?

  February 7th.  We are in the coldest month of the winter season here in the Mid-Atlantic.  But instead of snow-blanketed quietness, we get bombarded by nerve wrecking, bone-chilling winds.  The kind of disturbance leaves you tensed and wondering. The … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2019

  With the Thanksgiving holiday only days away, the US will be hit by twin storm – one on the west coast and central plan and the other to the northeast. The timing is quite ironic. The storm will wreak … Continue reading

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