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Praise the Shade

  Before making a single stride, I could sense a hot-sweaty run today. You see, the sun was already up and beaming brightly on the ground. Segments of the sidewalk exposed, reflecting off the heat, was contrasted by the cool-shaded … Continue reading

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Midsummer Observations

  Wind is kicking up again. Sweeping the debris clean off the street and into the gutters. Sure enough, thunderous rumblings soon follow the wind-swept noises. And a midsummer thunderstorm ensues. Like clockwork, moisture evaporated throughout the day by the … Continue reading


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  How much do you trust the information you’re getting? Do you feel compelled to fact-check their sources? What about the “Big Lie” touted by the former President Donald Trump? How deep would you dig to verify the accuracy? Misinformation … Continue reading

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Practicing Gratitude On My Run

  It was 79-degree Fahrenheit this morning when I finished my long run. Yes! Supposed to be getting a heatwave today in the 95, and 100 tomorrow. So getting a jump on the heat was a necessity. Many people came … Continue reading

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World On Fire?

  Seems like our world, at least the northern half where I am, is so hot that it is on fire. Scorching hot temperatures are looming over the Western Europe and around the Mid-central US. The heat melts away any … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 19 Jun 2022

The trend of extreme weathers is continuing. While not as devastated as elsewhere,  Washington DC hit a record of 99 degrees (Fahrenheit) on Friday, before the Father’s Day and Juneteenth holiday weekend. The climate instabilities inflict costs beyond economic calculations … Continue reading

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Going Extreme

  No no, I am not talking about the K-pop sensation BTS quitting (sorry BTS fans).  Instead, in the spirit of phenology, I sense our life is going extreme, and I’m not making this up. To wit, the headline reads: … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 6 Jun 2022

The Memorial Day holiday on Monday was overshadowed by the killings of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas the week before. The mass shooting, 16th for the year, reflects a trend of violence and signs of mental health … Continue reading

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Last Day Of May

  It is still May, after the Memorial Day, but scorching heat blankets the Washington DC region making it feel more like middle of summer. At least the pools are now open. And kids can take a reprieve from the … Continue reading

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Heatwave Weekend

  A heatwave will be hitting Washington DC area this weekend. Ahead of it, I am experiencing a heatwave of my own. Perhaps perception is reality here. The increased temperature and humidity feel like a wet blanket draping over me. … Continue reading

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