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Work Is A Four Letter Word

  In January 2015, I retired from working.  And I have not  looked back since. Here is my reason for why not. Yes, there are a lot to be said about working.  It provides dignity, in addition to other benefits … Continue reading

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Me Organized

  I pride myself on being organized.  Particularly when I worked as a project manager with a multi-million dollar contract.  Here are my go to resources for getting things done.  But first a word about my work environment. I worked … Continue reading

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Pretense Of Work

  One of the benefits about retirement is I don’t have to sell or prove myself to somebody. That somebody could be my boss, customer, or alliance.  The only person that I need to satisfy is me. Which allows me … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Skills

  Knowledge and skills do not go hand-in-hand necessarily.  Knowledge can be acquired relatively easy now-a-day with the help of internet.  Skills on the other hand takes time, or more precisely experience, to hone.  Preferably the relevant experience. The famed … Continue reading

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Work Your Passion

  “Do what you love” is almost a cliche. Few people work because they enjoy what they do, or that their work is their passion.  Most people work to make a living: you know paying bills, putting foods on the … Continue reading

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Post Robert Mueller – What Next?

Mueller report is out. The main event that preoccupied Washington political circuits for near two years is done and revealed today. Whether interested in the report or not, one has to be blind, deaf or both to not notice the … Continue reading

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Better Tools, Better Work

Nowadays tools are getting more sophisticated.  Smart machines are not only replacing low skill, routine jobs (e.g. cashier, teller, typist), they are pushing into the mid- to higher end of the service sectors like information exchange and financial transaction. Growth … Continue reading

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Quality! What Quality?

If you have been around like me, chances are you heard of “Quality is Job One”  – a marketing slogan that the Ford Motor Company employed for 17 year (until 1988).  Certainly nobody would argue against quality.  The question is at … Continue reading

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Continuing Education?

  Often time when we step out of school and get a job, we stop learning & start producing.  Sure we learn about the job as far as where is the coffee mess,  the conference room, and the dress code. … Continue reading

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How To Tell Your Life Story?

Whether you are a story teller or not, when it comes to the question of “tell me about yourself,” it is one story that you can’t miss.  Who else would be in a better position to talk about your own … Continue reading

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