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Sunday – My Favorite Day Of The Week

Friday used to be my favorite day of the week.  Knowing it’s the end of the work week and with a weekend ahead, my feeling was both relief (for the former) and anticipation (for the later).  Excitement galore. That favorite … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Power? Only If . . .

No.  knowledge is not power.  Not if you don’t use it.   Like books, sitting on the shelves collecting dust, they contain plenty of information but are useless if not used. What makes it even worse is that 90% of our knowledge … Continue reading


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Blame The Burrito

Not going to complain about the weather.  Why bother? Not going to complain about the government shutdown. Nuff said. If must, the burrito I ate will be my complaint. Not that it wasn’t good.  Too good in fact. That’s why … Continue reading

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Between Movie and Life

In movies, every moment is captured, on film. Frame by frame. The details, angles, settings, etc. orchestrated with an ending in mind.  I used to remind my kids that movie is not real in case they decide to put on … Continue reading

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Frozen In Place

Beginning of January.  Feel like I am frozen in place.  The only constant companion is the sound of the furnace – gallantly blowing hot air in battling this chill.  Can’t imaging what would happen if without it (i.e. the furnace). … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 30 Dec 2018

Last week in 2018. The passage of time always makes me reflective.  And this week I thought about people.  Particularly my own paradigms on people – how we explore them, label them, and interpret them. People is a subject that fascinates me … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Winter sun softens the chill feeling. Perfect prelude for Santa’s traveling. Deck the halls with boughs of holly. It is time to be ready for season’s jolly. To family, friends near and far, A Merry Christmas wherever you are.

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On Christmas Card

Don’t know about you but I still get Christmas cards in the mail.  Yes, the plain old card with a stamp on the envelope kind.  One in particular came with a typed holiday greeting message (with a typewriter?). For sure, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 2 Dec 2018

We have made it to December.  This is after Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, etc.  If this sounds a bit frantic, it was.  Nevertheless, we have made it.  In the years past, I would have completed my Fall Marathon … Continue reading

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Here We Are

Half truth and fake news, what are we to believe? Civility and humility,  couldn’t we just get along? On compassion and unity, where do we find them? Do look and tell, they are right within us. December musings

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