Visiting My Mother-in-law

My Mother-in-law’s place

There is a stream within the community where my mother-in-law lives. The stream is artificial (to match the name of the community – Streamwood – I presume), but it nevertheless  provides a constant sound of flowing water through the rock embedded stream surrounded by lush green plants and tall mature trees. A nicely landscaped neighborhood matches its namesake.

A walking path along the stream meanders through the neighborhood with foot bridges interspersed to provide pedestrian access to the different units and parking lots. The overall layout resembles a Japanese garden/ maze. And I take joy to wonder along this path. Occasionally crossing path with a couple of ducks that are local residents as well (signs that read do not feed the ducks).

What makes Streamwood so attractive is its convenience. It is a jewel tucked away within a full city development. A shopping center across the street that is within walking distance right outside one of its gates. Plenty of local businesses including restaurants, market, and gas station are there to serve people’s needs. Last I counted, five banks inside the premise.

In today’s hustle-bustle society, my mother-in-law’s place is a refuge from the chaotic world. Be it Covid, inflation, Russian war on Ukraine, midterm elections, or whatnot, her place remains one of my favor places to visit.

What are some of your favorite places?

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