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Week In Review – 11 Oct 2020

The US is seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases all across the regions.  According the CNN, Thursday reported the highest number of new cases in two months.  Many fear this the dreaded “Second Wave” of this pandemic. Except, Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 20 Sep 2020

In the world of fake news and avalaching social media, maintaining one‘s presence of mind beomes more challenging. To wit Coronavirus is on a rebound in Europe and not going away anytime soon. US general election is 44 days away. Along … Continue reading

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“Bot Or Not”?

  As much as I like to think that I am unique and the same with my posts, I fear some bad news. Here is my thought: the day will come when I no longer exist, and this blog is … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Aug 2020

With 72 days to go, the US presidential election is kicking into high gears with the Democratic National Convention this week.  Joe Biden accepted the party’s nomination along with his running mate Kamala Harris.  Republican’s is next week. Biden made … Continue reading

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Writing With A Purpose?

  How do I want my readers to feel?  An interesting question.  Never thought about it. I always write from my vantage point.  The message that I want to convey and share publicly at the are mine.  But what … Continue reading

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God Bless America!

  Is anyone having fun now-a-day? Economy, race relation, and let’s not forget Coronavirus. Not a single news worth to bring home about. Not a day goes by without sinking deeper. Hope is short but look not to Trump nor … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 26 Jul 2020

For the past four months or so, my time have been spent mostly at home indoor for social distancing because of the coronavirus.  As much an introvert as I am, not difficult for me to understand why some folks are … Continue reading

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Clear As Mud?

  Wouldn’t it be nice when every question has an answer? And in life everything does have an answer. It just that some takes me a while to figure out. In those unfortunate situations which I called them “clear as … Continue reading

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Taste Of Summer

  With temperature sizzling in the 90’s, summer around the nation’s capital is marked by hot, sticky, and oppressive heat.   On days like these  I can think of no better choice to quench my thirst (especially after a long run) … Continue reading

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Summer Rant

The temperature has been consistently above 90 degree Fahrenheit for the past week or so. (Above is an actual shot of my outdoor thermometer from today). And on top of that, the  humidity or more precisely the dew point can … Continue reading

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