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  I recently attended a funeral of an high school friend of mine. Sitting there and listening to others giving their speeches, one common thread surfaced. My high school friend was an encourager. My friend was a dentist and a … Continue reading

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Booster Shot And Bruno Mars

  What do Covid booster shot and Bruno Mars have in common?  For me, the two come together after I went and got my booster shot.  More specifically, the Bruno Mar’s The Lazy Song.  Yes the one where he sang, … Continue reading

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Why Volunteer?

  Volunteering should be a positive experience as in giving where one finds satisfaction in his or her own way.  It should not  be an act of sacrifice or obligation as such it will not last. Volunteering should be self-directed … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Self

  Taking care of self sounds rudimentary. Everyone besides a child should be able to do it, Right? If it were only that simple, the world would be a lot happier place. No more homeless or hungry people for example. … Continue reading

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My Pandemic Running Windfall

  The Coronavirus has shutdown many road races, particularly the major ones, for the fear of  they becoming superspreader events. So for the past eighteen months my running has been casual with a serendipitous twist. I’m more plugged in with … Continue reading

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Converting To Block Editor

; has implemented its Block Editor for awhile now.  I started to use it, tried it for a while (okay a little bit), but reverted back to the familiar Classic Editor.  Of course, I am taking a risk as … Continue reading

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My Emotional Truth

  Day after day, I pour my heart into words here.  The thousands of postings onto this blog encompass my emotional truth, because I wrote for myself and not any particular audiences. In a nutshell, I write about topics spanning … Continue reading

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The Afternoon Rainstorm

  The pitter pater sound from the afternoon rain coming in through the open window is accompanied by a moist breeze.  A signal that a relief from this heat is forthcoming? It’s July. And my mind is transported by the … Continue reading

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How Just Is Our Justice System?

  Innocent until proven guilty is a precept under our legal framework.  The process of proving someone’s guilt is conducted inside a courtroom.  But like any human systems, error happens.  The question is how much error can we tolerate? Would … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 13 Jun 2021

Aah, a relief from the 90 degree heat in the Mid-Atlantic finally rolled in latter part of the week. This cooler air however did not stop the cicadas from doing their business – still buzzing and dropping everywhere. I wonder … Continue reading

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