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Time To Re-evaluate?

  Today is 13 Oct. Only 80 days left in this year (2022). Yes, Eight-Zero. Whether that’s a lot or a little depends on each person. But it certainly has me sit up and ask what do I want to … Continue reading

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Insist Just A Bit More

Glory rests with those who insist just a bit more. Sounds like an inspiration talk for the marathon runners? Sure. Every person finished a marathon knows what that means – perseverance matters. It is a life lesson that has applicability … Continue reading

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Not Waiting for Thanksgiving

  Feeling swamped? You’re not alone. Welcome to the club. Truth be told – there are more to be thankful than not. Being alive, sharing in our unique ways, and shaping it, one soul at a time. Every day. Why … Continue reading

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Fun With Rituals

  Do not confuse ritual with routine. Albeit similar, the former is intentional and selected for personal fulfillment while the latter is more a schedule-based task.  In comparison, ritual is more mindful and enables. Take my Saturday morning long run … Continue reading


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“How Should We Celebrate Your Day?”

  Few of us would take a step back to examine our legacy. Invariably, we’re too busy. Who has the time to pause and reflect on our own accomplishments if it were not for a job interview or performance appraisal.  … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

  When I retired and became the Leisure Class, I thought everyday life will be easy. Little did I know, the freedom I have acquired as a leisure class member comes with a precondition: know what you want. Only then … Continue reading

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Social Connection

  Social connection makes us who we are. And  no person exists alone. To wit, we are our parents child, and they are their parents’. Naive to believe otherwise. Such is the point Dr. Pamela Rutledge made that none of … Continue reading

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Vaccine Skeptics

  Should we still try to convince the vaccine skeptics?  More than 950,000 Americans have died from the Covid-19 pandemic since it began in 2019.  To date, 64% of the US population have been vaccinated with two shots.  And only … Continue reading

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Direction Vs Destination

  Direction and destination are related. If you know the destination, chances are you have the direction. But not necessarily the other way around – knowing the direction does not equate with the destination. The distinction is that destination is … Continue reading

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Making A “Positive” Difference

  When I visited this topic back in 2017, pandemic was a dictionary term for me.  Now, the Coronavirus pandemic is entering its third year.  Time to revisit this topic.  Is “making a difference” still relevant or even possible? Have … Continue reading

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