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Transition? What Transition? Part 2

  Watching the Biden administration this past nine months, any excitement accrued from  Trump’s departure while kicking and screaming about a stolen election, has been tempered by disappointments in how the Biden’s team handled  their tasks. Without a doubt, Covid-19 … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis In Alaska

Also known as the Northern Lights, aurora borealis is on many people’s bucket list. Mine included. Recently, I went to Fairbanks, Alaska and played aurora chaser. First,  what is Aurora Borealis? According to the National Weather Service, they “are the … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

  Right around midnight (local time) this morning, the last C-17 flight took off from the Kabul airport in Afghanistan taking with it the remaining US military troops, ending the American longest war. The rescue mission of the last 18 … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Herd Immunity When?

With the Covid-19 cases on the rise, I was curious when will we achieve “herd immunity.” Are we really going to get there?  In short, the answer is YES.  But ‘when’ is the more difficult part to say because of … Continue reading

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Government Scorecards

  The fall of the Afghanistan government this week led me to feel for the Afghan people.  They would probably give their government a big ‘F’ for standing up against the Taliban.  Particularly, when the President Ghani fled the country. … Continue reading

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Good Bye Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  The Tokyo Summer Olympics is over.  Many involved in its planning/organizing/execution are probably glad that is the case. In hindsight this has been an Olympics like no others in history given the Coronavirus pandemic. I am, however,  sad to … Continue reading

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On Finding Self

  I have never left, but for whatever the reason I am looking. Am I lost, confused, or what? Maybe, just maybe that I was never present. What do you find unique about yourself?

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A Courageous Act

  When Simone Biles withdrew from her individual all-around gymnastics competition at Tokyo Olympics yesterday, it shocked the world. She is the reigning champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist. A superstar and the “face of the Games.” But her decision … Continue reading

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The Olympics Is On

  Today is the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, delayed a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kudos to not only the host country Japan but also to all the athletes who have endured the pandemic on top … Continue reading

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The Tokyo Olympics

  In a few days, the long awaited Tokyo Olympics will begin (on 23 July).  “Long awaited” because this was supposed to be the 2020 Summer Olympic games, delayed a year due to the Coronavirus.  “So it is finally happening,” … Continue reading

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