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On Acceptance

  Part of growing up is our acceptance of life. Early on, we learnt that the world does not evolve around  us, and we don’t always get we want. Acceptance of things, regardless we like them or not, is a … Continue reading

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Sound Of Spring, Part 2

  Maybe it was my imagination, I heard the birds chirping outside of my window while meditating this morning. Yes, the Spring equinox was yesterday (20 Mar 2023). And I have this tendency for self fulfilling prophecy like feeling the … Continue reading

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Alone But Not Lonely, Part III

  Three year of the Covid-19 pandemic, one year of the war in Ukraine, and the passing of my mother have me re-visiting the statement (and the tile of this series), “Alone but not lonely.” When both of her parents … Continue reading

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  Have you ever wanted to get out of the room or disappear from a heated situation or tight jam? Yes, you may not even be aware that’s what going on. But people use escape as a coping mechanism to … Continue reading

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Should And Will

  Obeying speed limit, eating healthy, and exercising regularly are examples of what we should do. What will we do? That’s a whole different story. You see the “should” deals with theory. Mostly academic if you will. Particularly when we … Continue reading

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Sports & Violence

  In sports, the competition promotes winners, and by the same tokens, losers. People love winners. Losers? Not so much. But that’s okay, because an important lesson whether winning or losing is the concept of fair play – to compete … Continue reading

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Me, A Lucky Sandwich Generation

  By definition, the sandwich generation is the group that has the dubious honor of taking care of their aging parent(s) and their own child(ren). Even though, my mother is still living (in her 90), I consider myself a lucky … Continue reading

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Personal Best?

  Here is a thought on personal best: have I done my best? It’s an easy question to ask but more difficult to answer. Honestly, can’t say yes on every occasion. Half of the time maybe. But this much I … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 12 Feb 2023

After shooting down the Chinese Spy Balloon last week, the US shot down three more unidentified flying objects — one on Friday over Alaska, another on Saturday over Canada, and the third one today over Michigan. The plot thickens, and … Continue reading

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Expanding Potential?

  Our potential is discovered by scaling new height, taking on greater challenge.  To that end, unlimited situations exist for such opportunity. Leap over tall building? Sure. The question lies in what is our appetite? More precisely, our drive to … Continue reading

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