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Chilling in the Big Easy

New Orleans is getting ready for Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday (March 5).  In 26 days, the City will be mobbed with revelers from all over, including the locals.  It is a good time to visit before the place gets … Continue reading

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Day 3 Week 14 – Shifting Perspective

Travel day, no running. Travel shifts one’s perspective, by choice or otherwise.  Different surroundings, people, time zones, or climates that could jolt one’s frame of references.  It’s both the challenge, as well as the reward, of traveling. Challenge because the … Continue reading

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Day 5 Week 2 – Changing Styles

Rest/ travel day, no running It used to be weird when in public someone is seen talking to him or herself.   Instinct is to walk around, shun eye contact, and avoid them like a plague.  That is not the case anymore.  … Continue reading

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Aloha Oahu

Saying good bye is hard, especially when one is leaving the paradise. Yesterday my month long visit to Oahu, Hawaii came to an end.  With a sad heart, I bid the island “aloha,” The visit has opened my eyes to … Continue reading

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Paradise On Earth?

Birds chirping, wind softly caressing my cheeks, sun’s warmth soothing over my body from hair on my head to pinkie of my toes, a lethargic feeling washes over me.  Am I dreaming?  Is this what winter supposed to be? The … Continue reading

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