Week In Review – 13 Aug 2017

Ran 13.7 miles today and a total of 21.7 miles this week.

I am traveling this and next week.  Coincidentally,  my running so happens a low mileage recovery week.  So all is well.

Invariably, what I see, hear, and experience on the road trigger ideas for my blog. Among strangers is inspired from my ride from San Francisco to L.A.  And Running Water is from the cruise I took to Mexico.

Of course the traveling demand & busy itinerary render less flexibility with my marathon training.  As a result, I revise my workout to fit the best available opportunity window.  Not blaming, just the reality.

Lastly, travel affords me the unique opportunity to reflect on spiritual dimension of my life.  Me & The Natural Order is such an example.  Very grateful for the opportunity and the benefit of traveling.

Have a great week.

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Day 6 Week 7 – Running Water

This may sound strange.  But I realized only recently that I have been taking running water for granted.  Turn on the faucet and the water flows.  Running water is a feature most of us living in the U.S. come to expect.  

It is a modern day convenience.  The running water cleanses our body, our food, and even our spirit among other things.  Nice, isn’t it?  Always available and ready for the tasking.  This feature is however under-appreciated while in ample supply.

While visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I learned that water there is precious.  The locals rely on the tropical storms to bring them fresh water (desalination is available but expensive). Not to mention that prime outlet for the water consumption goes to the hotels and resorts.

Similarly, when my son did a an internship in Ghana, Africa, he too came to appreciate the running water.  The host family he stayed with was nice but had no running water (nor indoor plumbing for that matter).  Bucket shower (i.e. bring buckets of water into the bathroom to wash yourself) was something he adapted quickly.  Same was true with brushing his teeth, etc.

What “little things” in life do you appreciate?

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Day 5 Week 7 – Downtime

Have been on the road with family.  Traveling and visiting, doing the summer vacation routine.  All good except it’s tiring and leaves not much time for my marathon training.

Luckily, this week is a low mileage week.  Just in my case, it will be very low mileage and lots of unscheduled downtime.  Which leads me to the thought about vacationing.

Usually, we take vacation to get a break from the routines.  Whether it’s work, normal daily life, or something repetitive.  Vacation represents a downtime from them.  Go & sit on a beach do nothing would be an example.

That is unless you are a beach bum.  Then you probably need to go to the city for vacation.  For me I have been training for the Harrisburg marathon for the past 6+ weeks. This vacation happens in the middle of my base building phase.

I had not planned on the downtime from the training.  But my family vacation is a high priority. I could not juggle physically my marathon training AND traveling the same time. So the downtime just work out as a natural consequence.

How do you schedule your downtime?

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Day 4 Week 7 – A Running Life Style?

2 mile easy.

Well, normally 2 miles would be my warm up run, but today it is all I could barely handle. I am not over-trained but am traveling.  And being on the road is taking a lot out of me.  So the 2 miles is only what I could squeeze in.

No surprise.  I have posted on the topic of fitness versus health.  My running fitness should not be construed as I am fit for travel or, for that matter, I am healthy.  Like everyone, I get worn down by being out on the road.

But if I had not been running I would probably be more tired from the rigors of traveling.  That was the reason why I ran, even just 2 miles, as a way to unwind.

Incidentally, my blog posting is also running behind for the same reason.

Do you believe fitness and health can go hand-in-hand?

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Day 3 Week 7 – Among Strangers

Travel, no running.

Full house of strangers among us. Sharing a common destination. Yet, not exchanging a glance nor word.

Our choices are plenty and yet we are confined to a fixed space. Enduring the common experience as best as possible.

The only sound is the cars zooming by outside and the air conditioning inside. Occasionally the driver announcing the stops.

Passengers on a bus. Heading South.

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Day 2 Week 7 – Blame

6 miles easy, 58 degree Fahrenheit.

Blaming is insidious and counter productive.

Why do people do it?

Shifts responsibility away from self.

What does blaming accomplish?

Bad relationship, distrust, and hurt feeling.

What this says about the person who blames others?

Not interested in keeping an open mind nor seeking to understand.

Why do it?

How do you resist the urge to blame others?

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Day 1 Week 7 – Me & The Natural Order

Rest/ Off day, no running

“Do what’s appropriate,” or something similar, is a Chinese saying I have heard. Meaning as we march through life, there is a natural order of things that we fit in.  Knowing what to do and executing accordingly is the essence of a good life.

Intellectually, I don’t fully grasp this saying.  Because “appropriate” is such an elusive concept. What is appropriate to me may be different from your interpretation.  And I believe the Chinese saying is alluding to a broader collective view.

Having said that I have intuitively lived and felt this saying.  From being a child, to student, young adult, professional, husband, and father, I have learned about the different roles and their associated responsibilities.

Have I executed them perfectly? No.  But I would say that I have done fairly well thus far.  I have had my shares of mistakes but overall no complaint.  The question about what lies ahead remains an unknown as it always has been.

You see as I get older so are my family.  And my children will have their own families. The world continues to evolve.  Like the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “the only thing that is constant is change.”  So what is appropriate will evolve and so will I.

What is your place in the natural order?

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Week In Review – 6 Aug 2017

Ran 12.5 miles today and 40+ miles this week.

This has been week number 6 of my marathon training. A lot of the nuts and bolts from my training I blogged about.  From active recovery to training plan, mental strategy to physical resiliency – much more than merely just get out and run.

Certainly over-thinking the marathon training is risky.  It can back fire and totally mess up the developmental sequence. For this reason, many runners hire a coach or adopt a generic training plan to eliminate the burden of worrying.

But for me, I am okay with the amount of details that I am addressing.  Because the feedback between my physical progress and mental knowledge has been useful.  It is something I will continue to leverage throughout my 20 week marathon training.

Have a great week.


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Day 6 Week 6 – Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is a safe place that offers us refuge from the storm. A place where we can relax, recharge, and re-calibrate if desired. Whether it is at home, with friends, or in things, our comfort zone soothes and calms our nerve.

In a way, it also defines us.  We are most proficient and confident in our comfort zone. We are on familiar ground.  Like being in a groove.  In our comfort zone it is what we are good at.  It is who we are. What’s not to like?

Some would argue that staying in the comfort zone, we risk missing the opportunity to learn & grow, to meet new people and see new places. That may be true in selected cases where folks choose to be unnecessarily risk averse.

But in general it is a mistake to devalue our comfort zone.  Properly developed, our comfort zone can be our best resource.  For example, a sailor’s comfort zone is to explore, to travel, and to leave safe harbor.

C’est la vie.  No need to fret.

When or how do you feel at home?

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Day 5 Week 6 – Happy Feet

Rest/ Off Day, yoga

Today is a rest day, no running for me.  So I practice yoga for the feet.

Yes, the feet!

Day in and day out, my feet have been pounding the pavement/ asphalt. Almost taken them for granted that they will be there, ready to jump into service, and give me whatever the miles scheduled.

This yoga gives the overdue TLC my feet deserve.  Except the pose of pointing the toes back, I am able to complete the routine without problem.  And my feet feel much relaxed and are on cloud nine afterwards.

Consider how much time we spent on our feet, isn’t it wise to keep them happy so we can be happy?

Tried foot massage lately?

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