Who Am I Really?

I am not my work.  I am not my title.  I am

who I am.

What people think of me is never accurate.

Not even close.

You ask, who are you? What’s your story?

I say,  I

don’t know.


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stands for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – the Friday after Thanksgiving and the Monday that follows.

I know what you’re thinking – there are as many acronyms as there are weird ideas – what’s the big deal?

Like many artificial phenomena, the BFCM is a totally fabricated marketing scheme invented to drive sales.  It has no tie to any natural phenomenon.  But this scheme is real and incredibly important to shoppers and business people alike.

Take last year (2016) for example, Cyber Monday alone generated a record breaking sales of $3.45 billion in U.S. dollars.  All in a single day. Together with the Black Friday, this BFCM wave is unstoppable and expected to push further north.

Why the phenomenon? For a capitalistic market such as the U.S., this artificial sales holiday is the ideal win-win for both the sellers and buyers.  It screams BARGAIN!  The sellers get to move their products at deep discounts offset by the higher sales volume.

In return, the buyers get to fulfill their material desires at bargain prices.  Their expectation is fed by the abundant selections and available merchandises. Online, the Cyber Monday simplifies the shopping experience to just a few clicks. What’s not to like?

Are you ready for the BFCM?

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Foundation (aka Back To Basics)

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How is your foundation?  By foundation, I am referring to one’s base.  A simple bodily analogy would be your feet.  Are you on solid footing?

The reason for the question is because all too common people try to leap without regard to their foundation.  The basics of crawl, walk, and run, precursors and foundation to leaping, is often taken for granted as in the saying, “when the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.”

And, guess what?  As buildings collapse from weak base, when we neglect to build a solid foundation, we too fall.  Prudent to review or “back to basics” to make sure that we are on solid footing.

Case in point, for a long time I wanted to do inversion in yoga posts. It was my singular focus (don’t ask me why).  However, going for the form by kicking my feet into the sky might seemed the right move.  It was not.  Most of the time, I either fell or banged my feet into the wall.

The problem? I neglect the foundation work.  Inversion, like all other yoga posts, is built from the ground up: arms, shoulders, core, legs, etc.  Any weakness in the connective chain causes the pose to fail.  Consequently, I have more foundation work to do.

So, how is your foundation?

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Reblog: Gratitude Practice

What a nice idea.  Elysha gives concrete examples of how she uses the gratitude practice in her life to keep herself grounded and to cope with challenging situations.  It is an useful tip that everyone can use.  Don’t forget to practice.

For me, my gratitude list keeps me grounded and not going off the deep end.  Here are the things on my list:

  1. health – finished a marathon in my late fifties this past Sunday
  2. financial independence – happily retired for close to three years
  3. freedom – full control of my time
  4. family – healthy family including my mom and mother-in-law both are in their eighties
  5. spiritual – living in the best country in the world

What are you grateful about?


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Day Of Rest & Reflection

Yesterday was the Harrisburg Marathon, a day unlike most days.  I woke up before the alarm clock set for 5:30 AM.  Went for a quick shake down run and figured the race was going to be a chilly start.

Later, I had a chance to observe the pace group runners gathered in the hotel lobby for their last minute instructions.  Sure enough, majority of them had tights.  That quickly killed the remote hope I had about wearing my shorts for this marathon.

The race started at 8 AM on the Market Street Bridge at City Island Park, Harrisburg.  I dashed to the baggage check and joined the crowd three minutes before the start.  And off we went.  Three hours forty minutes and forty-one seconds later, I crossed the finishing line at the North Second Street in downtown Harrisburg.

Thanks to my SRC support crew of one, Brandon who offered and spared me the driving.  We made it back to Washington proper around 3 PM.  Although my legs were tired, I was in good spirit relaxing from the thought that the marathon was behind me (or maybe from the 4 energy gels I took during the race).

It wasn’t until later that night when I tried to go to sleep the impact of running a marathon hit me or more precisely my throbbing thighs and calf.  The demand of the race could not be acquiesced by the hotel’s hot shower I took, although it did make me feel better (Note, the proper recommendation is ice bath, but be assured that I was not in the mood for it).

As I woke up this morning, my body felt as if I were hit by a truck.  Aches in the shoulders, arms, back, hips & everywhere reminded me that the road to recovery had just begun. That I will have to nurse my body in a reverse taper sequence with nutrients to replenish my aching body & repair my damaged muscle tissues.

Another transition – c’est la vie.

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Week In Review – 12 Nov 2017

Total miles ran this week: 46

The cold spill hitting the Mid-Atlantic region this week brought a unexpected element into my marathon training and race.  This downturn in temperature sensitized me to the preparation needed for marathon today.  It was 28 degree Fahrenheit at the starting line.

All in all, I would say that my marathon taper this week was a smooth transition. Probably one of the best in my recollection.  And my marathon time of 3.40:41 today reflected it,  Although my legs are tired, I feel fine.  My training is paying off.

The gift of self that I gave myself is my marathon run.  The time and effort I spent on it speak volume of the importance that marathon means to me right now.  Not only it keeps me physically fit but also mentally focused.  What is there not to like?

Stay warm & have a great week.

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Day 6 Week 20 – Marathon Eve 2017

15 minute run easy.

Well here it is.  The time has come.  Arrive in Harrisburg, PA.  Bib pick up and hotel checking are a breeze.  Benefit of a small marathon. Now I am settling in on what I have trained for the past 20 weeks –  the Harrisburg marathon, finally.

Weather is cold, but my spirit high.  Tomorrow will be my moment of truth where I put it all on the line from starting to finish.  This marathon is like a revenge run for me since I did not finish it last year.

And I am not wearing my minimal shoes for two reasons: 1. part of the course is under re-paving and will not be ready by the race day (according to the official website) and 2, the weather is extremely cold.  My feet will need all the protection they deserve to perform.

Last but not least, a salute to all the Veterans for their services to this country.  Without them, it would be impossible to have what we have.

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Day 5 Week 20 – The Gift Of Self

Rest Day/ No running

Often we are too busy in tending life’s fire drills, for example bills to pay, people to meet, and opportunities to catch, that we overlook the important stuffs.  One of such important stuffs is relationship building.

In the person’s presence, we take this important person for granted.  Prefer to get on with the pressing tasks at hand and overlook how he/ she really feels.  We rush along with our daily churns until it’s too late.

Even in the person’s absence, we are trapped by either out of sight out of mind or guilty feeling that we did not do enough.  By chance, a flash recollection/ reminder of how important the person means to us sparks.  Then we move on.

In truth, relationship building need not be grand.  No expensive gift, no fancy dinner, no longitudinal project, but a gift of self: take the time to listen, to ask, and most of all, to care.  Noting builds relationship like the gift of oneself.  Money certainly won’t.

As for the timing of the gift, certainly when the person is in need.  Otherwise, take the social occasions of birthday, anniversary, or other significant emotional events as opportunities to reach out and make that connection.

Relationship building is not difficult if, and this is a big IF, we make it our priority.


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Day 4 Week 20 – Taper Transition

3 mile easy, cloudy, 51 degree Fahrenheit

It was one of those Seattle-like days here in Washington, D.C.  Gray and cloudy sky.  Drizzling all day.  Not a day for sunbathing that’s for sure.

I did manage to catch a break and get my 3 miles in today.  Barely breaking a sweat but great for keeping my nerve in check with only 3 days to go before the Harrisburg marathon.

Obviously, no physical breakthrough would arise in this late stage.  But in the final throe of the 20 week marathon training,  the mind could freak into a last minute frenzy.  Heaven no.

This is where running the 3 miles comes in handy.  Not strenuous, yet not frivolous – purposefully exercise the legs and focus the mind.  This is how taper transition works for me.

Transition Is Never Easy!



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Day 3 Week 20 – Marathon Taper Progress

4 mile easy, 47 degree Fahrenheit

During today’s 4 mile easy run, my legs feel good.  No aches nor pain.  I have been waiting for this day.  With 4 days to go, it is finally happening.  Also a sign that the tapering I am embarking is working.

Here are what I am doing for marathon taper:   One, getting plenty sleep.  I have no problem falling asleep.  Sometimes as early as 9 pm.  This is a blessing for me.  Two, eating a lot.  Besides the regular meals, I snack regularly in between meals.  My metabolism is on over-drive.   And Three, I manage to keeping my mind off the Sunday’s race.

Sure, I think about what the weather is going to be, how I need to gear up, etc.  But for the most part, I keep myself occupied.  Watch a Netflix, read a book, write a blog.  Nothing stressful nor anxious – will save them for Sunday.

What do you do for taper?

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