Playing Politics Or Abuse Of Power?

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In this critical time of COVID-19 outbreak in the US, not a single state is immune from the virus, shouldn’t the federal government’s efforts be equitable towards all Americans?

That apparently is not the case with Mr. Trump. States headed by the Democrats like Michigan, New York, and Washington are not getting the support as others headed by Republicans such as Florida. Gov. DeSantis is a loyal Trump supporter.

Federal resources are built on the backs of all Americans through taxation, regardless of their party affiliation.  When Mr. Trump plays politics with federal emergency response/ disaster relief, he is taking advantage of the situation for payback.  In other words, abusing the power of the presidency.

Sure, one can say that at least our people are not being beaten or worse shot by police for  not adhering to the lockdowns.  The answer is “not yet.”  That day may come if Mr. Trump is allowed to order a national shutdown.

Are you familiar with the term “shock therapy“?

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“Incompetent Idiot”

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That was what Congresswoman Maxine Waters described Mr. Trump on his sending 18 tons of personal protective equipments overseas while our doctors and nurses are crying for help on these supplies.

Back in 2016 when Trump was elected, doubts surfaced about his lack of governing experience. Nothing is more stark evidence than the number of Americans died due to his incompetence. Not that he is responsible for the cause of coronavirus but his response.

Another example is Trump’s intention to re-open business by Easter. That would have exacerbated the spreading of the virus and caused many more lives.  Thank goodness that someone talked him out of it. What a scary thought.

The job of a president is tough. No question about it. But the position comes with the  scorecard on the president’s job performance. And to that end, nothing is more important than saving American life.

How do you think Trump is handling the COVID-19?

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Staying Home Order

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An eerie quietness drapes over the day.  Streets are empty.  People deserted.  Where did everyone go?  The answer: staying at home.  Washington DC along with the two neighboring states (Maryland & Virginia) is under a shutdown order, effective yesterday.

Almost like a scene from the apocalypse movie, only more weird in real life.  Normal rush hour traffics all but vaporized overnight.  So did the familiar hustle & bustle sounds that I am accustomed to, the white noise. With the exceptions of grocers and gas stations, most stores are closed.

I have to pinch myself to make sure this is not a dream.  But seriously even the birds have vanished.  I wonder if they too got the stay home order.

How is social distancing working for you?

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Feeling Scared?

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These days, it’s hard to not be sacred.  We are surrounded by government warnings, bad news, and well-intended but misguided advices on social media. Too much hearsays? Can’t help but wonder – what is to believe?

The safety blanket we have been used to is off.  Feeling a bit naked?  You’re not alone.

What can one do in time like this? Whom to trust? How do you fact-check on an unknown virus? Anxiety on top of the fear exacerbates the situation. To ameliorate, perhaps we can start by looking at where we ground ourselves.

I am referring to the non-negotiable values and beliefs that each of us has.  While at it, examine the reason.  Why do we feel this way?  A worthy journey for anytime but more so  now.  Be gentle with the self and be reassuring at the same time.

An opportunity to invest in ourselves, because self compassion builds trust and confidence.

By chance, others may have the same feeling that they are scared too.  Maybe just a little.  But to reach out and form solidarity with others, we need to first extend our compassion to ourselves, then to others.

What are your emotional anchors?  How important are they?

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Week In Review – 29 Mar 2020


Above, is an update on the COVID-19 outbreak as of this morning (The New York Times is offering it as a public service by tracking these data and making them available for free).

The US has the dubious title of overtaking China or anywhere else, for that matter, on the number infected (123,804), and second on death (2,231) to Italy (10,023).

All 50 states are infected with 17 of them having cases over 1000.  The infected number will increase as more test kits become available in the coming week.  A collateral damage of the pandemic is the economy (not only in US but global).

In an effort to revive the economy, President Trump wants to re-open business by Easter (April 12).  Good intention on his part, but the experts’ advice is against it for the fear of lifting social distancing too soon will trigger more infections.

No question, the country (and the world) is facing a difficult time.  How each is dealing with this challenge tells a great deal about the people.  It’s both revealing and history in the making.  To overcome this pandemic, we must be strong and follow our heart.

Stay safe and have a nice week.


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Good News On The COVID-19 Fight

“The FDA approves a coronavirus test that can give results in 5 minutes”

The headline says it all.

Abbott Laboratories has developed a COVID-19 test kit that can be administered anywhere, “from hospital emergency rooms to urgent care clinics to physicians’ offices,” and can “can deliver positive results in as little as five minutes, and negative results within 13 minutes.”

This rapid testing is a marked improvement over the existing procedures which takes four to five days for the results.  For high risk patients this is a life saver.  And for the rest, a faster and better assessment tool in the battle against the virus.

The Abbott coronavirus test will be shipped next week and is expected to deliver 50,000 tests a day.  Now we are talking.

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TLC On Our Emotions

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It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Emotions are our root impulses to act.  However hasty action will not result in fulfilling outcomes.  Better to pause and give our impulses the tender loving care they deserve.  Perhaps we will see things differently with our hearts.

During disasters, people’s emotions run high.  Be it fear, anger, sadness, or frustration, all examples of common human emotions when stressed.  This pandemic is no exception.  While the daily statistics on the COVID-19 are daunting, almost incomprehensible, social distancing is flaunted as the gospel.

As in any civilized society, our impulses are tempered towards law and order. But even so, there is space between social distancing and personal liberty.  In careful considerations, let’s not lose our compassion. Take a listen to our  hearts, and see the vulnerable populations differently.

How do you see the difference between social distancing and lockdown, if there is one? Or personal liberty?

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How Are You Doing?

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Common experiences are shared connections between people. And strange to say that this COVID-19 pandemic has become an universal experience, unfortunately. Just about everyone is forced to deal with it to some degree.   No exemption.

Pictured this: daily counts of ever increasing COVID-19 stat, images of wearied faces of patients and family members, exhausted healthcare staffs wrapped in personnel protection equipments, normally crowded downtown streets now deserted.  Images we rather forget.

The anxiety is real and universal. No one likes his/her life disrupted.  And disrupted it will be for a while.   In this trying time, hope you find your solace.  We are in it together.

Just a note to check in and wish you staying safe.

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United We Stand (Against COVID-19)


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If you are like me tired of reading the COVID-19 bad news, below is one that shed light on the opposite – inspiration and hope that say we will beat the pandemic.

The news is that 40,000 New Yorkers answered Governor Cuomo’s call to join the surge healthcare force in fighting the COV ID-19.  The news came same day as the US Congress approved a historical relief package of $2 trillion dollars.

While the money is useful, people is more critical at this junction.  Given the contagious  rate, we need medical people to handle the sicked and infected in order to stay ahead of the virus.

Hospitals with beds can be built in 10 days (China did it).  But to have qualified personnel in short order is a different story.  Hence the strategy of social distancing to slow down the infection within the infrastructure capacity.

The surge force reflects the can-do spirit of people helping people and the hidden connection of “social solidarity.”  It transcends race, color, religion, etc. It warms my heart to read such story.  Hope it does you too.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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COVID-19: US Update


First US case of the COVID-19 was reported on Jan 21, 2020.  Today, sixty-three days later (March 24), the confirmed cases in US has risen to 49,619 (and 615 deaths) including every 50 states.

Out of that total, the state of New York has more than half of the cases 25,665 (210), followed by New Jersey 2,844 (27) California 2,240 (41), Washington 2,101 (109) and Florida 1,401 (17). Rounding out the top five states (Source: New York Times).

Clearly, the pandemic is spreading like a wildfire with no end in sight. However Mr.Trump, after declaring a national emergency on March 13, wants people back to work and businesses reopen by Easter (April 12).

Can’t fathom how Mr. Trump drew that call given the US is behind in testing, short on medical supplies and beds to handle the pandemic explosion.  Yes, economy is important, especially if one is running for President. But for most people, they would rather have health than wealth.

Would you agree in terms of priority that health comes before wealth?

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