Easing Back

Reluctant as I was, I got out my warm bed and resumed my Saturday long run this morning.  Temperature was 26 degree Fahrenheit. Few runners were out on the trail in the frigid cold.  Not surprising.

My run totaled nine miles.  First half was on the C&O Canal Towpath which was frozen and hard.  Took the second half into the woods.  And the tree canopy made the air warmer and ground softer.

Even so, I felt the blisters coming on (both feet), the sweat streaking down my eyebrows, and the breath becoming laborious.  A sign that I need to gradually easing back into my cold weather run and not let the weather detracting my enthusiasm for running.

How do you tell if a run is a good or bad?

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I hate misplacing things.  It exacts such an emotional toll on me each time that I would spare nothing in trying to find the items.  Does it work? No. Not really.  Usually  the item turns up after I stop looking.

Needless to say that I loath going through that process. The feelings of desperation, lost, and frustration are not only unpleasant, they are confidence killers.  Particularly, when the item in question is for safekeeping.

So what can be worse?

Misplaced feelings.  Like trust, love, hope, etc.  These are the life lessons we experience growing up and survive miraculously.  As the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

But sometime, I rather die.

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Have & Have Not’s

Dissatisfaction comes from not having what you want.  Not enough money, friends, good fortune, or whatever.  In other words, not meeting self expectation.

But how about what we have?  In dissatisfaction, the illusive crowds out the actual. Like perhaps our health, family, or other “mundane” stuffs.

All too common to forget what we have while chasing the if only’s.  The sad truth is that when we lose what we have, we wake up and realize it is too late.

So perhaps the have and have not’s are two sides of the same coin.  This way we can keep ourselves grounded in reality and avoid taking things for granted.

How do you keep your expectation in check?

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Our paradigm is our model of the world.  How things supposed to be according our own understanding.

Paradigm is good.  It helps us navigate around our daily live and make sense out of different situations.  But like model, paradigm is a representation or interpretation of the reality.  It is not the reality.

The last point being the key reminder for myself – paradigm is not the reality.

I catch myself stuck on my paradigms.  Particularly on topics I claim some understanding.  But of course, I am [fill in the blank], and I know what I am talking about.  And I know I am right! Right?

The truth is that life is never that simple.  Depending on perspectives, backgrounds, or experiences, as many understandings exist as the number of people sharing that piece of reality.  No one has exclusive right.

Challenge your paradigm and see if you can make it better. 

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Sound Of Spring

Waking up this morning to the news of a school shooting, a winter snow warning, and today is supposed to be the first day of Spring.

Regrettably, school shooting could happen anywhere, but snow storm in Washington D.C. late March?  Come on!  I am ready for warmer weather.

Sure enough, all day long, precipitation was hitting the pavement: light drizzles, snow, sleet, or whatever else the Old Man Winter had in his hip pocket to dump on this area.

Unfortunately the cold spill will delay the cherry blossom around the Tidal Basin.  If you are planning to make a visit with your camera ready, best to check the latest status here.

Did you hear the the sound of Spring?

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Listen For Real

Can you hear your heartbeats? mind chatters?

Is there space in your listening?

What is that voice in the back of your head?

What is that image on the front of your mind?

Strangers seem closer than our intimate thoughts.

And yet, our close ones feel so far away.

What are you really hearing?

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Week In Review – 18 Mar 2018

Technology can transport people quickly, but are we ready to move that fast? Given I have been away for a while, this week is a transition-home week including a visit to the MVA to get my car registered.

The juxtaposition of seasonal differences from my travel have me examining hard about my roles, and how I am adjusting.  Besides the physical aspects of putting on more cloth and deferring to the weather, I am more detached mentally from the Washington scenes.

Albeit, Hawaii and Washington are like parallel universe for me, I am getting more accustomed to the bitterly cold of the Nor’easters on the mainland.   However, certain memories of the paradise will stick with me for a while.

Have a nice week!



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Reuse Me Please


While in Oahu, Hawaii, I noticed a label on the bottom of the plastic shopping bag (pictured above).  It reads, among other things:

  • made of 80%+ post consumer recycled material
  • designed for at least 125 uses
  • included instructions for clean and reuse the bag

What impressed me was the prevalence of this reuse approach on the island.  Everyone was using it.  At the grocery stores, gift shops, markets, etc.  I rolled the bag up and put it in my backpack, so it was available whenever I needed it.

Many things are reusable only if we put our mind to it.  Plastic bag, utensil, cup, container, and even straw. They may not last 125 times but the point is this is something everyone of us can do.  Anywhere.

Disposal and manufacturing cause energy and create pollution that contribute to our climate change. Instead of waiting on the government to device some grand policy, we can reuse to reduce waste and minimize unnecessary impact to our environment.

That sounds like a good idea worth spreading.

What can you reuse?

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Back To Reality

Like a political junkie, I used to follow the daily bits and pieces of what’s going on inside the Capital Hill, White House, and Washington Beltway.  It was my way of getting engaged, thinking whatever comes out of here will impact the rest of the country.

I no longer hold that view, particularly after my vacation.  In fact, I believe the social experiment is not working: the White House is chaotic like a mad house, the Capital Hill is anemic due to party wrangling, and the Washington Beltway resembles more swamp like than ever before.

The die-hard fans of politics would argue the failure of the incumbents provides the incentive and fuel for the election (in November).  I agree in principle but am skeptical in practice. America is a nation divided on so many fronts, and these gaps are widening.

I like to believe we can Make the America Great Again.  Who doesn’t. But without a clear vision and a concrete plan, the slogans are empty words.

What alternative do we have other than election in changing the system?

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Just Say No, Not

Saying no is easy when the recipient is someone else.   Why bother to make an effort, take a risk, or lift a finger to help someone?  It’s more work for us.  Isn’t it?   This is how I feel on my recent visits to the “Motor Vehicle Administration.”  And I was the recipient.

My car died, and the purpose of my visits to the MVA was to register the replacement car. And my experience was so agonizing that I would not like to repeat it nor wishing it on anybody else.

Here is the scenario: long waiting line right from the start.  In spite of the well intended staff working the line to expedite the process, it felt like they were looking for reasons to deny  your place in line:  missing information, wrong forms, or whatever.  And when they do, the whole process starts over.

It took me three (3) separate trips to the MVA to eventually get my car registered.  Each trip was as nail biting as the previous one.  It was so traumatizing while there that I did not want to go to the bathroom for fear of losing my place in line.  All I can say is that this car better last a long while.

Do you have your own version of the “MVA” story?

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