Day 1 Week 13 – Yasso What?

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Marathon Training

8 mi: 10 x 800m w/ 50 sec rest + 2 miles warm up, 1 mile cool down, sunny & 70 degree

Cruise Interval

The 800 meter repeats I did this morning is also known as the Yasso 800s. My target splits was 3:45. But then I realized that following the Yasso 800s’ prediction and if I want to repeat my last year’s marathon time of 3 hours 35 minutes, I must run faster than 3:45 for each interval.

Not that I am superstitious, I do know the tempo interval pace is slightly above the lactate threshold. So, the Yasso 800s is a way to verify if my lactate threshold has improved since May and whether I will have a shot in September to repeat my time at the Erie Marathon.

My splits for today’s intervals were as follows: 3:17, 3:38, 3:32, 3:34, 3:22, 3:30, 3:23, 3:34, 3:25, 3:33 (with each consecutive interval in the opposite direction). All splits were faster than my target. Check.  And my projected Erie Marathon time, according to Bart Yasso, is 3 hours and 38 minutes.  Fingers crossed!

Have you tried the Yasso 800s?  

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Week In Review – 14 Jul 2019

Total mileage this week: 52.

When day-to-day struggles are in our crosshairs, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important or our purpose, let alone living a fuller life. But it would be a lie to say that we are not fans of a meaningful life.

Four weeks ago, I started my lactate threshold training.  Besides my stamina is getting better, I am also more confident about my running paces – be it tempo, steady, or easy pace. One more week of the stamina phase remains before moving on.

Knowing what pace I am running, why, and execution them in the past 12 weeks have gotten me where I am today.  Ketosis is getting my weight down close to my race goal of 142 pounds. I enjoy the feeling of being fit. Even equipment failure does not faze me.

Still have more work ahead for me to be ready for the Erie Marathon, but it is beginning to look promising.

Have a nice week!

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Day 6 Week 12 – Progress On Stamina Development

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Marathon Training

191 min (18 mi), sunny & 74 degree

Progress On Stamina Development

Four weeks ago, when I started my stamina training phase, I ran a long run of 18 miles for 3 hours and 21 minutes. Today, under similar environmental conditions, I ran the 18 miles for 3 hour 11 minutes.  

Don’t have any scientifically proof that my stamina has improved, but I do feel less exhausted today as compared to the last time.  And under the same time cap for my maximum long run, I could have run 1 additional mile. 

Don’t get me wrong, 18 miles is not easy on any given day.  When I finished my run today, I do not want to take another step.  But with one more week of the stamina training remaining, I am going to maximize it before moving onto the next phase.

How could you tell if your stamina has improved?

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Day 5 Week 12 – On Living

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Marathon Training

55 min (6 mi incl 4 steady), sunny & 78 degree.

On Living

Life is choice (not at the birth but after). When waking up each day, the choice begins. Some are routine or minor. Others more significant.

In our choices of how to live, human tendency is to favor the pleasant and shun the unpleasant. We even learned to delay gratification – work or study hard so we will be successful later.

All part of this thing called life.

But to live life fuller (i.e. more than making a living), choose more. Not more in terms of material goods like food, cloth, etc. but the wider range of options that life offers.  Including the unpleasant.  Why?

You may object. What’s the point in wasting our precious time on the unpleasant stuffs? After all we want to enjoy life, right?  What would one gain from pain, fear, suffering, or the likes?  The answer is . . .

All part of this thing called life.

Without the unpleasant, life is only partial.  What is life without death? happiness without tears?  To fully experience life, its meanings, and all shades of emotions, embrace it all.  That is if you want a fuller life.

How are your choices in life?

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Day 4 Week 12 – The Tough Guy, Reality Television Show

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Marathon Training

76 min (8 mi) plus 3 strides, overcast & 78 degree

The three strides after my run was the most I could squeeze out of my body this morning. Thought it would be good after the 8 miles to stretch my legs a bit. And the strides were the right call. Except I was soaked in sweat and drown in fatigue from the week, three was all I could do.

And I will take it as every bit helps. The easy pace builds aerobic capacity in my cardio and number of capillaries in my leg muscles. According to this Runners Connect article the bulk of energy contribution in running comes from the aerobic system. The more efficient I can make it the better.

The Tough Guy, Reality Television Show

President Trump’s “Salute to American” on the 4th of July costed the taxpayers an extra $1.2 million dollars.  And that didn’t include other costs like the  $1.7 million the District of Columbia government spent from its security funds.  Which DC Mayor sought to replenish.

Beginning this Sunday the President has ordered raids across the country on undocumented migrant families.  The fact this operation is forecast indicates another show of force that our president is tough and that he is going by the book to enforce the laws.  

In reality, neither of these events have any tangible benefits to the American people.  They are orchestrated for domestic consumption and to serve political purposes.  So we get to watch Mr. Trump’s reality show, at our expenses.  

Do you feel the government is headed in the right direction?

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Day 3 Week 12 – A Late Day Run

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Marathon Training

57 Min (6 mi), clear sky & 88 degree

A Late Day Run

The transmission in my minivan has been acting up.  The speedometer would flicker unexpectedly with the dial going crazy, and the vehicle would  jerk as if it went over a bump. Not a good situation.

So I took the minivan to the Transmission shop that worked on it before and left the vehicle there for them to take a look.  And, by the time when I got back home, the temperature was already in the 80s and continued to climb higher. 

To avoid the mid-day heat, I waited until 7 pm to do my run.  Even though the temperature were still high, it was cooling down as the sun was setting.  A gentle breeze caressed the ground to relieve its heat from the day.

Folks were out in their backyards barbecuing.  Sounds of kids’ laughter  delighted in their summer break without homework.  Apparently I wasn’t alone in taking advantage of this twilight coolness.  

Which do you prefer, early morning or late day run?






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Day 2 Week 12 – Equipment Failure

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Marathon Training

76 min (8 mi), sunny & 75 degree

Equipment Failure

Funny thing happened during running today.  My right sandal’s strap broke.  Yup, a little passed the turnaround of my run and without warning, it just snapped.  The sandal became like a flip-flop. First time ever!

At first, I though it was the Velcro strap that came undone.  So I reached down and tried to re-tighten it.  No dice.  The sandal was still loose.  That was when I realized base of the strap where it loops around the eye was broken.   

Luckily, I did not panic nor called it a quit.  Instead, I continued my run as if I was running bare-footed.  Only with the sandal slightly flopping underneath my right foot.  And I was able to complete the remainder of my run without a hitch.

You can call it an equipment failure with a fortunate ending.  It could have been a lot worse.  Sometimes it’s best just go with the flow.  And today it turned out better than I could have ever planned.             

Murphy never dies – what’s your worst equipment failure?                     


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Day 1 Week 12 – Ketosis

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Marathon Training

57 Min (6 mi progression: easy, steady, tempo), light drizzle & 72 degree


Also known as fat-burning, ketosis has become famous thanks to the ketogenic (or keto) diet.  For marathoners, ketosis is a wonderful resource because the virtually limitless calories our body fat provides.  

You see, every pound of body fat contains 3,500 calories.  And a marathon would consume less than one pound of fat.  Which we carry naturally.  Moreover, ketosis bypasses any of the sugar-insulin spike & crash from gel intake.

How to train ketosis?  You ask.  The answer is long run on an empty stomach.  When your body runs out of glucose from carbohydrates, it will burn fat to keep going.  Eventually, your fat adaptation will become efficient and smooth. 

Are fat marathoners the lucky ones?

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Week In Review – 7 Jul 2019

Total weekly mileage for Week 11 is 50.  And a hot week temperature wise I may add.

Seeking answers (to life’s questions) has been a quest for me and surely others.  Albeit the process and time required can challenge one’s resolve, it is not something that one should give up.  Definitely not me.  It is our accumulated learning.

??This past week we celebrated America’s 243rd birthday.  Given our declining international relations and presidential election next year, a distinction between patriotism and nationalism seemed apropos.  

Another curious case of marathon cheats and the subsequent death of Dr. Fred Mesa illustrated the influence of the social media.  Never-mind the Community of One.  Shall we capitalize the potential of the social media and build our community online and otherwise?

Have a nice week!

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Day 6 Week 11 – Accumulated Learning

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Marathon Training

180 min (16 mi), sunny, very humid & 80 degree

Heat Training today.  Dew point climbed from 71 degree when I started my run to 75 in mid morning.  On top of the wet-blanket like humidity, the scorching sun made any shades a welcome path.

Took frequent walking/ water breaks to keep body from overheated or dehydrated.  

Accumulated Learning

When Kelly Clarkson sang that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” there are a lot of truths to those words.  We know adversities in life are a given.  Overcoming them provides us the reward of learning & growth.   

But when our ancestors managed to find dinner and not become someone’s dinner, they lived to those truths (or not).  They passed on their accumulated learning so future generations can survive. 

Today, we struggle with our daily commute, agonize over our favored team’s lost, or fume about the fake news.  Are we learning?  Or put it another way:  Is it 30 years of experience, or 1 year of experience repeated 30 times?

Which will you be?



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