The Weakened Majority?

Two years ago, top 1% of the richest people own 50% of the world’s wealth (Fortune Magazine).  Guess what?  In measly two years, the wealth inequality has degenerated to just eight (8) people.  Yes, 8 people now own 50% of the world’s wealth.

I said ‘degenerated’ because the alarming trend of excessive concentration of wealth. And it is getting worse (as predicted).  It does not take a genius to see that a highly polarized society is counter productive to progress.

Why would people be motivated to work hard when the “have’s” will always make sure they are on top.  Remember the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago, and its message: the economic system is rigged for the very few while the majority continue to fall further behind?

Well, the majority is definitely getting the short end of the stick.  President Trump and his handpicked cabinet members are all part  of the 1%.  Any reasons to think they would loosen the grip on the 99%?

I don’t think so.

What is your prediction?


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True Colors of Emotions

  Few people complains about emotions which are positive.  The ones you get on your promotion, wedding, birth of your child, etc.  It is the flip side, the so called negative emotions or emotional pains that nobody wants to deal with. Truth … Continue reading

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Shorter Attention Span?

Learned a new phrase today –  tl,dr.  An internet vernacular for too long; did not read.

Maybe you already know the term.  But for me it was a bit annoying.   Being not familiar with this term, I had to look it up.  But like so many things, once I understood it, the term rings true with my own experiences.

Now-a-day, with so much information available online, if an article does not grab me within the first few seconds or even a fraction of, boom.  It becomes tl.dr. And I am onto something else.

Is it possible that my attention span is getting shorter? Too many competing pieces trying to hook my attention?  Or maybe both?

You see, like the Pavlov’s dogs, I get conditioned to skim through the headlines, news-feeds, captions, etc.  Oftentimes the faster I read, the less information I get. Is it really nothing interesting or is my “tl,dr.” making nothing interesting?

So sad.

What attention grabber works for you?

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Reblog: Being Vs Doing

“It’s important to note here that “being” and “doing” are not exclusive states. . .” Very true.

When I run with my heart rate monitor, I am doing as well as being. This is an excellent article on the subjects.  Particularly the how-to section which is full of useful tips.



“I am a human being, not a human doing.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

I came across this quoteat some point in the past, and it’s always stuck with me.

As I’ve learned about mindfulness and practiced it for a few years now, I’ve gathered that there are two main modes of living. They are “doing” and “being.”

Most of us live in a culture that is all about achieving, concerned with getting things done and moving onto the next. It’s typically rewarded with raises, promotions, and material gain. And, this is where most of us find ourselves – the “doing” mode.

We also have minds that automatically judge every bit of incoming information. What happens is that, in this automatic judgment, we end up noticing that there is a gap between what we have and what we do not. This gap creates a load of…

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Week In Review – 19 Feb 2017

It’s mid February.  Romance is in the air. Ah must be Valentines day.  Even though the commercialism surrounding this day was contrived and overwhelming, the spirit of the Valentines day is nevertheless acknowledged.

Without a doubt, in America capitalism reigns. Commercializing something personal is as popular as celebrity endorsement or personal story. But just as common is the overselling.  Nothing against making a profit insofar as it’s done right and not tacky.

Speaking of done right, three words emerge from the posts on relationship and life at large.  And they are balanced (relationship), minimize (risks), and maximize (rewards or deposits).  Wish I had thought of them sooner, but better late than never.

Have a great week.

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Styling From The Inside


Often it is said, don’t judge a book by its cover.  But honestly, look does make a difference.  Especially in today’s fast paced society, big marketing dollars are being spent on styling to catch the coveted attention.

But why from the inside?

Styling makes a statement.  It says here I am, and what I am about.  Making that connection, no matter by chance encounter or search engine optimization, the goal is to engage, to align or to persuade.  Look alone would not suffice.

Styling from the inside delivers authenticity. It speaks from a genuine perspective, instead of phony marketing plot, with consistency that respects others’ intelligence.  It may take longer or cost more, then again may be not!

Which one do you trust more: I am sorry versus I am not a crook?

What is your choice of style?

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Fix-up? What Fix-up?

Ever heard the saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?  The phrase makes perfect sense if you stay with the status quo.  You know, leave well enough alone, why make change if there is no need? etc.

Unless you want progress.

Throughout history, fix-up brings forth incremental improvement that leads to progress. Human achievements are filled with such examples. For instance, the invention of wheel came before the horse carriage which in turn came before the automobiles.

Nothing is broken that needs fixing? Don’t have ideas for improvement? Look again.  Bet you are not satisfied with everything.  Things can be made better, process streamlined, or quality improved.

There are always room for fix-up.

Have a fix-up idea for project?

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Personal Branding?


Ever since Tom Peters introduced the term in 1997, personal branding has become so pervasive in our everyday life.  Whether online or in-person, one seems can’t be without a personal brand. Be it in the forms of a resume, profile, gravatar, etc.

Call me a dinosaur, I do not or refuse to have a personal brand.  I believe that Know thyself is an aphorism few attains, and personal branding is a cheap substitute. Corporations do brand because they want to sell product or service (and ultimately make money).

As individuals, we are better than a brand.  Our talents and skills serve a need and earn ourselves a living.  Fair and square.  Personal brand is a label.  If someone else wants to label me, suit themselves.  But I am not going to constrain myself.

I am not a piece of meat for sale.

Do you believe in personal branding?



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On Relationship

Relationship is the most common human experience, and yet it is the hardest and most challenging task to perfect.

We are born into relationship right from the beginning.  And everyday since, we come into contact with it.  To the extend of who we are and how we think are affected by our relationships.  Shouldn’t we all be experts on relationship?

Not quite. And the common excuse is that people are complicated.  Then, let’s rephrase the question: how is your relationship with yourself?  Since no one else would know us better, right?

One rule of thumb I find useful is that relationship should be balanced.  By “balanced” I don’t mean equal but reciprocating, give-and-take like.  The interactions should, over the long run, leave you emotionally recharged or fulfilled.

If on the other hand, the relationship feels draining or burdensome, chances are imbalance is the culprit. And one-sided relationship, not to be confused with temporary imbalance like between a parent and child, will not last.

How do you judge your relationship? 

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Roses Are Red


Roses are red, they say

Why it has to be to- day?

Because, nothing’s more sweet,

than having your visit as a treat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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