Week In Review – 17 Nov 2019

First week into the presidential impeachment hearings, and already it has me at the edge of my seat.  In part thanks to President Trump for getting into the act by live tweeting during the hearings.  No joke.  You can’t make this stuff up

While people may be uncomfortable about exposing the dirt and prefer not to know how the sausage is made, this is serious business when the Congress voted to impeach the president. We are committed to a country governed by the rule of the law.

So here we are plowing through the process, seeking answers, and learning about corruption, greed, and other less than glorious aspects about our systems.  I am not losing any sleep over it.  Just the opposite – I am glad we have the courage to do it.

The truth will prevail, accountability matters, and justice will be served.

Have a nice week!

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Mind Training

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I give in to my feelings more than I like to admit.  Specifically, my mind caves to what appears urgent.  Or my “hair on fire” experience.  One common example is the  ringing telephone.  It just won’t stop nagging “answer me, answer me.” 

Had I only sat back and waited for the false urgency to pass, I would avoid my mind hijacking my reactions.  The triumph over my impulse would be self-affirming in the sense that I am in control of my mind and body.

But that wait, the mental pause, is easier said than done. I know this first hand whenever I meditate. To reach my goal of sitting for one hour, I work with my mind by focusing it on things I can control: my breathing, posture, anything but the mental hijacks. 

Here is how the scenario usually plays out:

Me: breathe in calmly, breathe out slowly

Mind: your legs are going to sleep, can’t feel those toes, no blood circulations

Me: concentrate on the breath and not think about how long I have been sitting

Mind:  it’s being only 30 minutes (half way), may be not even

Me:  I can do this, breath in, breath out . . .

Mind:  your back is killing you and for sure can’t take another 30 more minutes

Me:  okay, not today (stop the timer)  

Maybe next time.


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Still “No Climate Change”?

According a national survey in April, 69% of Americans believe that climate change is happening. That leaves 31% of the population thinking it is not, including President Trump.

In fact, the Trump adminnistration is relaxing more environmental rules per the president’s order to reduce regulatory costs. What is going on? Are we being penny wise and pound foolish? Or mortgaging our children’s future?

What will it take for people to wake up?  Will our planet and its people be in dire straits before people take action to reverse the climate change?  Greta Thunberg is right that change is coming whether we like it or not.  And that is from a 16 years old.

Do something to reverse the cimate change is simpler than you may think.  If you act now.


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An Insomniac’s Poem

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From dusk to dawn, the night stretches onto the day, 

Cooler temperature brings better sleep, they say.

Except for the insomniac, “sweet dreams” never sail.

I plead, hope, and stuggle each night to no avail.

Only finding myself awake and alone, again.

Ponering when will this nightmare ever end.

Z Z Z . . .

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First Day Of Impeachment

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On this historical day, impeaching the President of the United States, a frigid Artic blast brought a cold front lowering the local temperatures by 20 degrees (Fahreinheit).

Daytime high is only in the 30’s and nighlty low in the 20’s. Not a bad way to balance the hot air on the Capital Hill.   

Besides the cold blast, a drag queen also showed up at today’s hearing.  Purportedly hired by some news app to cover the heariing.  Isn’t America great?

Stay tuned & keep warm if you happened to be in Washington.

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Don’t Feel Like It?

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Once in awhile I fall victim to my feelings.  I don’t feel motivated, not interested in pushing hard, wanting to stay in bed longer, etc.  Understand that as human beings we are subject to our mood’s fluctuations.  Once in awhile. Sure.

Falling into victim of our feelings however is different.  Which means we are reacting to the whims of our emotional ebb and flow and allowing it to control us.  Who wants to get up in the cold and run?  Pushing beyond what is comfortable? 

Dictated by our moods, no one would runn a marathon, work hard or succeed in tasks requiring sustaining efforts.  Because there will be times when we just don’t feel like it.  Those are the moments when being proactive can make a difference.  

“We are not our feelings.  We are not our moods. We are not even our thoughts,” according to Stephen Covey of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame.  The ability to be self aware and to detach from our feelings/ moods/ thoughts is what set us apart from animals, Covey added.

So next time when I don’t feel like it, I will heed Covey’s words:  be proactive means our life is a product of our values and our decisions.  Not our feelings nor conditions.    

What do you do when you don’t feel like it?


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Call Me A “Leisure Class”

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“What do you do everyday in retirement?” is a common question I get.  The curiosity is understandable. Without purpose or direction, life can be aimless and likely boring. And for many, work fills that void. It provides structure.

Wake up, get ready, and go to work.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.  So the cycle goes.

But I am retired. 

Hence the question from the inquiring minds who want to know.  For starter, I am, like everyone else, a creature of habit.  So the lather, rinse and repeat part is the same. The major difference is I have more control over my routines – what I do and how much.

For instance one of my favorites is the “studying of life.”  Similar to common subjects of health, politics, finance, etc., I apply my time to personal topics like running, yoga, meditation, reading. All parts of my life.

No body wince when you are studying the common subjects. But Life?  Aw that is more interesting to me.  You see, life has so much to offer, to give, and to enjoy.  I have the chance to live life the way I want it. Why not.

What is your dream life?



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Week In Review – 10 Nov 2019

While running, leaves are fallen on, around, and underneath me.   Signs of autumn tug hard on my reflective nerve.  Whether it’s the natural order of things or their hidden wholenss, closer examinations reveal deeper connections.

Insights as such help to explain and reconcile seemingly opposites or conflicting events.  With them, roadblocks turn into opportunities.  Deaths breathe in new live.  Silver linings are available and rooted in the nature of things if we take the time to look.

Preparing for winter for me is more pscylological than physical.  Although, the results are just as good.  Because no matter what time of the year, good to think about what is really important.  And the sorting out makes transition a bit easier. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to receive and share.

Have a nice week!


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Paradox Of The Hidden Wholeness

Parker Palmer is right, in our culture we have a hard time holding the opposites together. We prefer the ease of either/or to the complexities of both/and. Of course, facts are better in black or white. Reasoning are easier in true or false.

However, life is never that simple.  What we can’t see/feel/touch we tend to discredit.

The “hidden wholeness” that holds the opposites together is hard for us to see. But does that mean it doesn’t exist? How about these questions: Can Autumn and Spring coexist? How about darkness and light? Or life and death?

The answers is a resounding “Yes” on our planet earth.

I live in the Northern Hemisphere and am experiencing Autumn while my friend in New Zealand is embracing Spring. Darkness in America where I am means it’s light in China.  And yes both  birth and death happen simultaneously around the globe.

Try to see the paradox and perhaps find new meanings.  As Palmer puts it,  “opposites do not negate each; they cohabit and co-create in mysterious unity at the heart of reality. Deeper still, they need each other.”  Letting go maybe both an ending and beginning.

What maybe some of the hidden wholeness around your life?

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Preparing For Winter

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Here in the mid-Atlantic, as each day getting shorter, the night temperature dips lower as we inch closer to winter.  I check on my sesame plants in the yard.  They are my canary in the coal mine as far as winter is concern.  So far, so good.

What’s the worry?  Not that I have to stock up on foods, water, or other essentials.  In the rare occasion of snowed in, I could walk to the stores and get what I need.  Especially, a Trader Joe recently opened down the street.   

So what is to prepare? You may wonder.  Well, in my psyche the winter is harsh. It imprisons my spirit through bone-chilling winds.  Deprives my mental space with winter blue.  And cage me like an animal, I feel nowhere to go. 

Yes, we are talking about only three months out of a year. But I have to brace myself for the challenge. Believe me, if I could hibernate through the period I would.  Meanwhile better check on my Netflix subscription to make sure it’s not expired.

Do you “harvest” for the winter?

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