Experiencing The Difference

For me, the best way to experiencing something is by doing.  This hands-on approach reinforces my experience via the five senses.  For instance, in a new place I learn local direction by running through its neighborhood – seeing the landmarks, street signs, all up close and personal.

Machine learning , on the other hand, is not personal.  In fact, it relies on data.  More the better, so it can recognize patterns and suggest more effective alternatives to human solutions. Given that machine does not forget, applications of machine learning will undoubtedly benefiting the human experiences, for example navigation.

One key difference however is that machine lacks original thought.  All of machine’s answers are based on the existing data.  In comparison to human, it can’t be inspired to write a personal story or moved to memorialize a relationship.  Machine can not match the human mind in syntheses.

Therefore, I am not giving up my experiential learning. Indeed, machine will augment my experiences.  With the help of machine learning such as my smartphone, laptop, etc. I will continue to explore my surroundings the best way I know how – by doing it.

What is your experience with the machine learning?

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Writing Meditation Part III

Part 1 & 2, here & here.

Came across an “how to” article on writing meditation that I found interesting and would like to share it here.  Source: How to Use Writing as a Meditation Practice | HuffPost.

The author gives a structured approach to the practice.  In particular I like the “right now” queue and fixed time frame as design aids toward the writing meditation.  I am still experimenting with the steps and would welcome your input.

If you find the HuffPost article useful please share comment below. 


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Week In Review – 18 Feb 2018

Certainly everyone is different, including our President Trump.  This is why there were winners and losers in his proposed 2019 federal budget.  Because the budget reflects his priority.

No mourning for the losers please.  So long as the president is clear on his agenda, he can find space in his conscience, and care less about any conflicts that others perceive.  After all this is his administration.

And in case that you missed the Chinese New Year on  Friday, the 16th, don’t despair.  The celebration goes on for two weeks (at least in China).  Never too late to join the fun.

Have a nice week.

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Space – The Final Frontier

In the classic television sci-fi series Star Trek, Captain Kirk calmly introduces those words at the beginning of each episode as he led the crew of the starship Enterprise in searching for new life and adventure in the outer space.

There is another space, I call it the inner space – our personal domain ready for exploring.  This space is multi-dimensional: mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. Each offers infinite wisdom if and only we are willing to embark on the adventure.

To me, this inner space is the true final frontier.  Why? You ask.  I give you Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Beethoven’s fifth symphony as proofs that while the physical world is akin to a laboratory, it is the inner space that holds the key to our discovery.

Remember,  the ability to create inner space is limited only by our imagination. So boldly go where none has gone before.  And discover your final frontier.

What is your final frontier?

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Happy Chinese New Year

A few factoids about today’s Chinese New Year:

  • it is Chinese year 4713 and the year of the Dog
  • it marks the largest human migration on earth – 385 million
  • it is celebrated in 15 countries around the world

What other fun facts can you add? 

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Mourning is difficult.  I never know what is the “appropriate” boundary in these circumstances.  Too much grieving? Not dignified enough? How to remember? And most importantly, what to make of it?

When I visited the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, an introduction film by the National Park Service sheds some light on this subject and enlightens me about the ritual of mourning.

In particular, the film concludes with following calls: mourn the dead, remember the battle, understand the tragedy, and honor the memory.

mourn the dead – the crew of 1,177 sailors and marines aboard the USS Arizona was killed & among them 1,102 were trapped and buried within its hull.  Their ship, their resting place

remember the battle – the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941) was the trigger that led the U.S. entry into World War II

understand the tragedy – including the crew of the USS Arizona, 2,335 sailors, soldiers, and Marines died as a result of the attack, as well as 68 civilians.  Ultimately,  291,557 American casualties from the WWII

honor the memory – never forget how & why these people lost their lives.  Pledge our best ability to prevent the same from repeating.

What do you think about mourning?

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Life’s Conflicts

Conflict in life is not only common but also unavoidable. Hollywood is known to make dramas out of human conflicts (e.g. hero and villains).

In real life, each individual is different.  Chance of us getting cross-threaded happens more than Hollywood can imaging.  How then do we deal with these conflicts so we too can have an happy ending?

First, people-to-people differences notwithstanding, the struggles within ourselves is more telling.  Whether it’s love-hate, optimism-despair, or work-life, the root cause(s) can be traced from the inside out. Try the following questions:

What exactly is important?  Is there a priority? What about your values?

Answering these questions may not guarantee happy endings.  But surely, without getting an handle on them, we would be hard-pressed to deal effectively with others.

Do you think the life’s conflicts get minimized or multiplied as we mature?

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Everyone Is Different

Despite our similarities, each of us operates from our own frame of references, set of values, and filters.  Safe to say that no two individuals are identical.  And frustration results when we talk past each other.

To connect, according to Stephen Covey, one must seek first to understand.  This is however easier said than done.  It is more than just listening better. Here are three suggestions that can help:

  1. Seeking to understand has to be sincere – a genuine desire to put oneself in other’s shoes.  Listening with the intent to reply is not a genuine understanding.
  2. Seeking to understand by withholding one’s own natural tendency to evaluate, to probe, or to interpret.  Listen like a sponge, soaking it all in. No value judgement.
  3. Seeking to understand requires patience.  Understanding happens in measured steps. Drip by drip, gradually. Not in gulps.  True understanding can’t happen in a flash.

We all have interesting story that is worthy of discovery.  Take that step by seeking first to understand.  Do it sincerely, genuinely, and patiently, then there is a better chance for connection.

Do you understand enough about the other person in communicating?  Have you tried? How? 

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Winners & Losers

in the President Trump’s proposed 2019 budget, according to the Washington Post:

Winners                                            Losers

Veterans’ Affairs                             Small Business Administration

Defense                                             Environmental Protection Agency

Homeland Security                         State Department

In a nutshell, this president is big on Defense and skimpy on small business, environment, and foreign allies.

Do you agree with the President’s priorities?

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Week In Review – 11 Feb 2018

Where is home? sounds simple, but it is an important question.  Specifically, an important but not urgent question.  Because home gives our heart a place to belong.

Lately that place for my heart has been drifting towards a warmer climate.  A sign perhaps that the Washington’s political circus is getting to me? I hope not.

Deep down I admire leaders who exhibit grace under pressure.  Unfortunately, this has been in short supply of late.   Or maybe it is just the devil in me.

Have a nice week.

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