Finding A Fit

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When you find something that fits, you keep it.  Product commercials and marketing industry try at every opportunity to persuade the target audiences such is the case with the products or services they represent.

However, the “fit” only can be determined by actual experience. And getting the targeted audience to give it a try becomes the first step, and hopefully not the last step in the companies’ goal.  Each one of us gets bombarded with advertisement daily.  Vying for our attention is where mega-money is spent on.

Oddly, as consumers we don’t even notice the efforts.  When something fits and with ownership, we proceed without much thoughts about the brand.  Instead, it becomes my phone, my car, my tablet, etc.  Because getting through the gaunlet of filterings in our minds, we no longer concern about the brand, provided the process was authentic.

How do you determine something fits you? Is it something that makes you happy?  Something you need or meets your budget?  Or something else?

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Coronavirus Is Not The Blame

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When we face a powerful source that is bigger than ourselves, we defer or adapt.  Our ancestors hunted preys bigger and faster than them. That is how humans survived thus far – we defer or adapt.

In civilized social systems, this is typified by politics where negotiations take place and deals are made. The new government in Israel is a case in point. But having said that, any social systems dwarf in the shadow of the natural order.

Don’t believe it?

Take a look at the Coronavirus pandemic.  Eighteen months into this outbreak and 3.8 million casualties later, we still not out of the woods.  The US alone accounts for 600 thousand of the global Covid-19 deaths (as of today) with only over half of its adults fully immunized.   Meanwhile, the virus is mutating.

The Coronavirus is not the blame. Like the Smallpox and Black Plague before it, the Covid-19 is part of the nature. If anything, it is us who failed to defer or adapt. Specifically, our political systems failed to work effectively.

How could we improve our approach to challenges like the Coronavirus in the future?

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What’s In A Challenge?

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If you are challenged by others, pressure exists.

If you challenge yourself, however, that’s motivation.

Either way, owning the why makes a crucial difference.

Do you believe in the power of purpose?

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Week In Review – 13 Jun 2021

Aah, a relief from the 90 degree heat in the Mid-Atlantic finally rolled in latter part of the week. This cooler air however did not stop the cicadas from doing their business – still buzzing and dropping everywhere. I wonder if things will change when the summer solstice arrives in a week.

Whatever happens, rest assured, I will record in this blog. Speaking of blogging, every blogger faces fatigue and struggles to overcome it. That’s why Stephanie Shirley’s tips on how to overcoming this common challenge is practical and worthy of sharing.  Particularly, when you are writing on a daily basis.

Personally, daily writing is a discipline. I take it on similar to my approach to marathon training. In this and similar cases, attitude counts.  It is as important as the physical work. Moreover, daily writing is renewal and better than work.

Lastly, as many American families getting ready for their summer vacations, worthy to remind ourselves that the Coronavirus is still with us.  Until it is eradicated world over, we all need to be vigilant for ourselves and each other’s sake.  It is sad but true.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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Sadness – A Lesson On Compassion

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We all feel sad at times.  Whether saying good bye to love ones, regretting over mistakes, or feeling sorry for someone’s misfortune, sadness happens. In fact it is one of the fundamental human emotions.  One that I learned has redeeming value to embrace.

You see, I typically viewed the sadness as a transient phase.  Meaning with time, one will come out of it.  Sooner the better. That was why I did not indulge myself in sadness. Instead, I tried to get over it as quickly as feasible. Unfortunately this kind of thinking had prevented me from seeing the inspirational side of sadness.

Feeling sad is not only an universal experience but also contagious.  Babies get moved to tears when they see others cry.  It is a common and natural reaction.  Instead of ignoring or restraining it, embrace sadness to teach us about our emotions and develops useful skills such as sympathy and compassion. Both we can use more now-a-days.

How do you release your sadness feeling and turn it into compassion?

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I Write Therefore I Am

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I write therefore I am

Doubt as you may

I could not care less

For truth is from my heart.

What is your blogging perspective?

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A Weather Break

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Much needed rain came this afternoon.

Brought the temperature down not a bit too soon.

Respite from the relentless ninety degree heat? Yes

Or a break in the sea of cicada mariachi? Yes, yes

Seventeen years would not be too long,

if I don’t have to see or hear these critters again.

Go ahead, pour it on.



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Our Attitude Matters

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How we face life says a lot about our attitude toward life.

Not a joy ride, life’s ups and downs come crashing down.

From highest height to deepest abyss, our attitude matters.

It is where human spirit resides and a nation can be lifted.

Do you believe our attitude separates us from all others?

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Work Is A Four Letter Word

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In January 2015, I retired from working.  And I have not  looked back since. Here is my reason for why not.

Yes, there are a lot to be said about working.  It provides dignity, in addition to other benefits such as earned income, respect, and satisfaction.  Just to name a few.  After thirty-two plus years, it was time for me to move on.  With the exception of the earned income, I don’t miss my job.  It will always be part of my memory.

I was lucky enough to retire with a pension.  Which meant my necessities are covered.  Any differences between my earned income and pension was offset by the freedom of retirement and passive income from investments.  But the best part was that  I don’t have to work anymore.

You see, the demand of a job, any jobs, include physical and mental accommodations.  One must be able to handle the work which can be demanding.  Even the best job would have a bad day.  And stress accumulates and can boil over as seen in this Amazon driver’s bad day caught on video.  There will be a point in time when enough is enough.

“No one on their deathbed ever said I wish I had worked more.” That is why I don’t miss work.

Do you “love” your work?




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Reblog: Blogging Fatigue? How to Generate Fresh Topics that Will Inspire You to Write

Wonderful tips, Shirley. I would add an “editorial calendar” to your list of suggestion in case of those dry spill days. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley’s eight questions summarized:

  1. What was the most fulfilling thing you did this week?
  2. What was a recent problem you solved?
  3. Did someone recently seek your expertise on a topic?
  4. What has irritated you lately?
  5. Is there an uncommon quote that inspire you?
  6. What is a recent success or triumph?
  7. Is there a question that you feel like you have been answering again and again?
  8. What valuable lesson did you learn this month?

The Comm Entrepreneur

The firstMonday of each month, I dust off a favorite post from the Bennis Inc Blog archives and give you another chance to enjoythe wit and wisdom that’s been shared. Enjoy this month’s treasure – and if it inspires you – be sure to share it with family and friends!

Blogging Fatigue How to Generate Fresh Topics that Will Inspire You to Write

Have you ever come to a day, maybe even a week or longer, when you felt like your brain was on screen saver mode and you couldn’t wake it up? For me, this most often happens as it relates to creative writing, which is unfortunate because this is at the core of what I do all day, every day. But we’re human, and it happens. So what can we do about it?

What’s funny is that the inspiration behind this very topic was my own writer’s block. When I sat down at my computer to write this very blog, I…

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