Day 5 Week 9 – Look And Feel Your Best With Intent

4 miles easy pace, overcast & 71 degree

Looking and feeling great is more than coincidental.  Online stylist Elysha Lenkin offers one of the best advises I have heard.  Which is setting your intention to look and feel your best everyday.  She gives  practical suggestions on how to develop your morning routine that will have you well put together inside out.  I highly recommend a read.  Let me know what do you think in the comment below.


The best morning routine starts with intention. It’s about giving yourself time to fully connect with your day so you have less stress and more ease.

Source: The Best Morning Routine To Look And Feel Your Best Everyday

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Day 4 Week 9 – Between Dream & Reality

5 miles (steady pace 3 &4), sunny & 75 degree

For most of us, there is a gap between our dream and reality.  Do we go after our dream or deal with our reality, that is the question.

I believe the answer is to go after your dream if you can afford to.

Personally, over thirty years, my reality was making a living.  I had a young family.  Paying bills was important.  And as my career advanced, same did my salary and material conditions of my family.

Now retired, making a living is no longer a driver for me.  In other words, I can afford to pursue my dream.  What do I want my dream/ life to be?  Is there any carryovers between what my profession was and what I want in life?

I believe the answer is yes.

To be continued.


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Day 3 Week 9 – A Vicarious Living

7 miles easy pace, cloudy & 78 degree

For close to a year, I have been living vicariously through someone. Yes, indeed.

You see, I have been campaigning for this candidate who is running in a competitive race for a seat on the local government council. Competitive because there are thirty-three candidates (thirty-seven including the opposition party) for 4 open seats.

During these time, I knock on stranger’s doors to introduce my candidate to them. I put up yard sign declaring my support to him. I march in parades with my candidate observing him working the crowds. Shaking hands tirelessly. And so on.

Through the campaign events (and I don’t see but a fraction of them), I always wonder where does my candidate get his energy? What motivates him to campaign day after day? How does he interact with his supporters?

To say it’s passion is like running a marathon by reading about it. With the Primary only a few days away, the emotional pressure is mounting. Sure I love to see my candidate win. Perhaps my vicarious living will continue, or not. At least I am enjoying the process for now.

Are you ready for the midterm elections?

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Day 2 Week 9 – Fun & Fitness

5 miles easy pace (fartlek in mile 4), humid & 79 degree

Yesterday, the outdoor temperature was 83 degree while I ran.  It was so hot, sweats kept on pouring out of my body, soaking my gears, and salting my eyes.  Not one of my better runs.  Instead of “toughing it out,” I deferred my fartlek to today.

This morning, I was determined to bring the fun back into my runs.  Therefore, I got up and started running earlier.  Taking advantage of the cooler temperature (even just a few degrees), I was able to incorporate fartlek into my scheduled workout.

Balancing  fun and fitness is a priority of mine in this training season.  Fun means not be bounded by a rigid schedule but guided by how I feel and what my body is telling me.  And fitness can only be achieved if I stay injury free.

Do you think no pain no gain? Or fun & fitness can go hand-in-hand?


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Day 1 Week 9 – Establishing Rapport

7 miles easy pace, hot & 83 degree

The quickest way for me to establish rapport with strangers is through small talk.  From my summer job in school as a door to door salesperson to canvassing for candidates now, this skill has come in handy many times over.

What is small talk? And how to do it?  Google the definition and you will get, “polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions.”

“Unimportant or uncontroversial matters” are safe topics to break the ice.  They will not put people on the defense. Conversely, “are you pregnant?” would not be a good choice.  Neither is “Donald Trump.”  Instead, pick something like the weather.

And the part about “as engaged in on social occasions” is key to developing relevance and commonality between strangers.  For instance “relation to the bride or the groom?” at a wedding helps to set the context for follow on conversation and connection.

And finally do not rush.  Establishing rapport should not be arduous.  In fact, just the opposite, the more relaxed the better.  Too eager to get to the “substance” at hand risks of turning people off.  Savor the opportunity to develop that mutual trust first.

What tips would you offer on establishing rapport?

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Week In Review – 17 Jun 2018

Week Eight of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran this week: 41.  My weight is 149 pounds and resting heart rate 61 beats per minute.

Stephen Covey, author of the the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, advocated an inside-out approach to personal leadership.  Meaning we work with ourselves first before with others.

I fully endorse Covey’s approach.  Unless one learns to love self, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to have compassion for others.  This principle is often lost in today’s highly charged and polarized political debates.

As the election draws near, candidates are ramping up their messages in vying for votes. When the weather is gorgeous, campaigning can feel like a breeze.  But there are also days when it is not.

A side note – curious just how much of the Big Data can assist the candidates in putting their message on target?

Have a nice week.


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Day 6 Week 8 – Peaceful Saturday? Not

16 miles easy pace (168 minutes), sunny & 72 degree

After a long run like today’s, I am spent.  For the balance of the day, I would be content not start anything that requires me to lift a finger.  Just want to find a rock and crawl under it.  Leave me alone.

That is what I hoped, but reality turned out quite different.

Here are what actually happened:  1) family minivan won’t start. Had to get a tow truck to get it to the shop.  2) Son #2 flew in today and needed to be pick up from the airport.  3) Early voting going on for day #3 whether I ran 16 or no mile.

Not complaining here.  Just to illustrate that we don’t always get what we want.  At least for me not today.  Thank goodness, tomorrow will be a brand new day.

How was your day? Nice and relaxing?

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Day 5 Week 8 – Democracy In Actions

primary early voting 2018

candidate signs at early voting center


3 miles easy pace, sunny & 72 degree

For nearly a year, I have been campaigning on behalf of a candidate running for local political seat.  The Primary election is in 10 days, but the early voting has started yesterday.  Thus the push for the home stretch is on.

Winning the primary means passage to the general election in November.  Otherwise, it is pack up and go home.  Canvassing, parades, meet and greets, and fundraisers, etc. all will be a thing of the past.  At least I get to keep the t-shirt.

Judging by the signage in front of the early voting center (pictured above), easy to see how fierce the competitions are.  If nothing else, these candidates’ stamina are admirable.  Bring it home as the saying goes.  I bet that they will make great marathoners.

My hat off to all the candidates.

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Day 4 Week 8 – 5 V’s Of Big Data

4 miles easy pace (steady @ mile 3), sunny & 70 degree

To survive and thrive in today’s ferocious market place, companies compete to have their finger on the pulse of their customers.  More and more business are turning to big data for such insights.

With every tap, click and swipe, mass data about the consumers’ preferences are being generated.  Key to understand the customers, to identify market opportunities, and to anticipate relevant developments starts with an understanding of the big data.

And there are five key attributes associated with big data: ‚

  • Volume: quantity of data to be captured continues to grow exponentially ‚
  • Velocity: bits and bytes are generated and processed at high speed‚
  • Variety: data comes in many formats and from diverse sources & platforms ‚
  • Value: data needs to be converted to produce meaningful insights
  • Veracity: quality and accuracy of data are not uniform

These five Vs provides a glimpse into the scope of leveraging the mass data. For additional info click here.

What is your impression of the big data?


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Day 3 Week 8 – Compassion Lost?

7 miles easy pace, sunny & 70 degree

In a market economy, winners take all in beating their competitions. To survive, a business needs to cover many bases, but foremost is to win. Because without winning, a business won’t last in the long run. Simple & straight forward.

So here is the question: can this model be applied to human behaviors in general? Or put it another way: is winning the only thing? I think not. Human beings are complicated. For one, we are emotional beings and not always rational. We don’t always act according to models.

Assuming for a moment that we are rational and successful beyond beliefs. We drive all our competitors out of business. Then what? How do we win again if winning is the only thing? The reality is we need each others even as competitors in pushing us to win.

In that light, winning is not the only thing. Don’t let that kind of thinking crowd out the need for compassion.

Do you think that compassion is on a decline?

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