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I’m Responsible

  Yes, when it comes to responsibility, I’m responsible to my family as the head of the household, to my neighbor as member of our community. But . . . Foremost, I’m responsible to myself. Yes, and absolutely. If I … Continue reading

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We’re Biased

  Perhaps sounds shocking on the first blush, but yes, we are all biased.  Disagree? Don’t believe me? Try to sign your name with the other hand, and you will know what I mean. Our biases (aka preferences) are not … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 30 Apr 2023

We have reached the end of April. And spring has graced the Northern Hemisphere, spreading greenish colors everywhere.  Gone were the grey and browns. In their places, vibrant shades of new buds and flowers line the streets, liven up the … Continue reading

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Active Learning

  Learning is important to me. It’s a way for my renewal and spiritual growth. As the saying goes: live & learn.  As long as I learn, I continue to grow. And without a doubt, hands-on is my preferred method.  Take … Continue reading

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In Everyday Living

  The hollering winds and wet pavement make me shudder at the thought of my morning run being cold and wet tomorrow. A throw back to the cooler climate. If given a choice, I prefer the sun for its warmth, … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon – 10 Years Later

  In today’s 127th Boston Marathon, Evans Chebet of Kenya defended his title with a finishing time of two hours five minutes and 54 seconds (2:05:54), shaved almost a full minute off his 2022 time. And Hellen Obiri of Kenya … Continue reading

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Fighting Hopelessness

  The problems confronting us, inflation, energy crises, or war on Ukraine, are daunting. Not to mention the Covid-19, climate changes, and others on the list.  Even the mention of them elicits headaches, letting alone discussing their outcomes. If you … Continue reading

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No Free Lunch

  The heatwave continues today. Washington DC hit 86 degree Fahrenheit. Birds, bees, and plants are having a field day while I stayed indoor to avoid the pollen. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the long arc of moral universe – … Continue reading

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To Retire Or Not?

  Some people, who stand at the edge of deciding to retire or not, hesitate. Granted my own experience was different, many do get the cold feet before taking that leap.  One, because they don’t know what the future holds. … Continue reading

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Alone But Not Lonely, Part III

  Three year of the Covid-19 pandemic, one year of the war in Ukraine, and the passing of my mother have me re-visiting the statement (and the tile of this series), “Alone but not lonely.” When both of her parents … Continue reading

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