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Disaster Of A Difference Color

  Disasters whether natural or man-made have in common in their destructive consequences.  As  Hurricane Ian broadsiding Florida, I could not help associating its devastating impact with the people in Ukraine who are under the assault of the Russian special … Continue reading

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Is Putin Playing With Fire?

  To me, the answer is yes. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is playing with fire.  His special military operation in Ukraine is dragging on for seven plus months without an end in sight.  Now doubling down, Putin has called … Continue reading

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The Passing of A Legacy

  Queen Elizabeth II of UK passed away yesterday at the age of 96. She was the longest serving monarchy in Britain history. Her eldest son Prince Charles will take over as the next King. The Queen’s legacy is extraordinary … Continue reading

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Insist Just A Bit More

Glory rests with those who insist just a bit more. Sounds like an inspiration talk for the marathon runners? Sure. Every person finished a marathon knows what that means – perseverance matters. It is a life lesson that has applicability … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 28 Aug 2022

Don’t know about you, I feel the time is slipping by faster and faster as the year goes on, like a roll of toilet paper. With only three days left in August, plenty anxieties exist. Whether it’s the droughts due … Continue reading

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Life Is Precious

  When you turn on the news now-a-day, more likely than not you will be turned off by what gets reported: violence, disaster, and all the negative happenings. Very depressing. At least that is how I feel. But I know … Continue reading

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Not Waiting for Thanksgiving

  Feeling swamped? You’re not alone. Welcome to the club. Truth be told – there are more to be thankful than not. Being alive, sharing in our unique ways, and shaping it, one soul at a time. Every day. Why … Continue reading

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No Good News?

  Has this ever happened to you? That, among all the news, none of them is positive! What is going on? Surely, our world is not fallen apart. Looking around, it should be self evident. Only the media outlets choose … Continue reading

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Talking With My Inner Child

  My Inner Child:  Let’s play Me: I can’t. I have work to do. Inner Child: You’ve been sitting there for a long time. Me: I know. But I need to get this done. Inner Child: Are you having fun? … Continue reading

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Fun With Rituals

  Do not confuse ritual with routine. Albeit similar, the former is intentional and selected for personal fulfillment while the latter is more a schedule-based task.  In comparison, ritual is more mindful and enables. Take my Saturday morning long run … Continue reading

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