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Time Well Spent?

  Time the great equalizer, we all have the same amount each day. 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds to be exact. No fuss, no mess, and non-controversial. Until . . . you’re quarantined at home, waiting at doctor’s … Continue reading

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Parallel Realities

As the weather here cools, we are deep into the Autumn season, while the Southern Hemisphere in its Spring. This is an example of parallel realities, a concept I had a hard time grasping for the longest time. Don’t ask … Continue reading

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Selective Investments In Exercise

  As a young child, I would jump out of the bed, hit the floor running, and couldn’t wait to get my day started.  That youthful mobility has dwindled with the march of time. Most noticeable are the aches and … Continue reading

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Collapse Of Civic Life

  The headline read, “Lebanon’s Government Resigns . . . ” It was incredulous.  Did not realize it’s that bad over there in the land that gave us Khalil Gebran, one of my favorite writers. Nor did I think the … Continue reading

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What Are My Weaknesses?

  No one is perfect.  Certainly I am not. When it comes to answering the question of “what are my weaknesses?” I confess that it is a difficult question for me to answer. A little background: as a project manager, … Continue reading

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Negative Liberty

  “Negative liberty” is a term stands for “freedom from interference by other people” per the Wikipedia.  It deals with external restrains. For example, freedom of speech, religion, and so on in the US Constitution restrain the government from interfering … Continue reading

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TLC On Our Emotions

  It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince Emotions are our root impulses to act.  However, hasty action will result only in unfulfilling outcomes.  … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 Mar 2020

With social distancing, one challenge is the outlets that people frequent are no longer available to them.  Places such as movie theaters, restaurants, churches, libraries, etc. are all closed, thanks to the COVID-19.  What can folks do to keep their … Continue reading

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We Are In For The Long Haul

  People are adaptable. At least they should when it comes to this COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is going to be here (US) for awhile according to the experts. Not in terms of days or weeks but more like months … Continue reading

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A Blessing for this day ‹ Mindfulbalance

  Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I am wearing my green t-shirt in honor of this special day.  It is a day when everyone, and I mean everyone, can be Irish for a day. Especially on today, if you have … Continue reading

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