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Going Alone

  The danger of nationalism such as “Make America Great Again” or Brexit is this: it limits our human potential. For the success of humankind, collaboration, not isolation, is required to achieve success. Put it another way, winning at all … Continue reading

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Transparency In Government

  Given the Congress’ job is to represent the American people in overseeing the government operations, I wonder how effective it is going to perform that function post Trump’s impeachment? After-all its subpoena power has been clipped by the White … Continue reading

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Too Much Screen Time?

  My phone has a feature call “screen time.”  It tracks how much time I spent on my phone every day.  Nifty metric especially for people who are analytical and interested in that kinds of data. But the thing is … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 19 Jan 2020

Almost three week into the new year, I am slow in getting back into my running. Yup, I can blame it on the weather, but the winter is far from over.  What’s the use?  In any event, I am not … Continue reading

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You Be The Judge

  In case you haven’t seen, Pope Francis lost his cool and slapped some woman to retrieve his hand.  Okay, okay, those are my words.  You can see the incident for yourself here. Obviously, I am no pope and would … Continue reading

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  Frustration is common in our daily experiences. Stuck in traffic, not getting the promotion, bad weather, etc.  By definition, frustration occurs when we can’t get what we want. And we know that life is not fair, plus we don’t … Continue reading

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Impeachment Is The Struggle?

  Following up on Brenee Brown’s hope is a function of struggle, the impeachment process, albeit painful, gives me hope. The hope is not to remove President Trump, although there is a slim chance of that outcome. But the hope … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Dec 2019

Even though the 80-20 rule says 80 percent of the results are accomplished by the 20 percent of the resources, still the last 20% has to be executed for the task to be complete.  It stands to reason why the … Continue reading

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The Glass Is Half Full

  Nothing is as absolute as it seems. Neither ecstasy nor misery.  Chances are it’s our emotion that amplifies what we sense.  And that amplification could result in an undesired outcome triggered by our emotional hijacking.  Road rage, suicide, and … Continue reading

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My Lifestyle

  Lifestyle to me is a afterthought.  No, really.  Allow me to explain. You see, I haven’t thought much about how to live.  That is usually determined by my roles in life. When I was working, I worked hard; when … Continue reading

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