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Machine (Deep) Learning

Machine learning, backbone of modern day artificial intelligence, is getting smarter. No longer does it rely on explicit instructions written by programmers.  Instead, machine learning uses patterns and associations much like the approach of our neural networks. No more long … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth About Humans

The humans’ ability to destroy is killing our planet.  No, not just talking about the climate change, although that is a concern as well.  It is “our distinct efficiency at wiping out life on Earth,” intentionally or not, that is alarming. … Continue reading

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Fear & Anger

Fear and anger are our twin emotions much like uninvited guests, often overstay their welcome. Fear anticipates what negative will happen, and anger dwells on what negative did happen.  Their common root is that present moment gets sacrificed.  Which is … Continue reading

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Metabolism & Weight Loss

Apparently, the key to losing weight is not decreasing your food intake but increasing your metabolism.  Yes, and allow me to explain. According to this article, metabolism is the big kahuna in our body consuming calories.  It accounts for 60 … Continue reading

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We are accustomed to routines.  Take the same path to our familiar places (work, school, stores) are normal.  That’s why we have routines, so we can be more efficient and potentially more effective with our lives. Case in point is … Continue reading

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Hello November!

November and December are two exciting months of the year.  Unfortunately for me, they seems to fly by faster than any other months.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are popular times when family & friends get-together.  Things are going … Continue reading

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There Is Justice

Yes JUSTICE!  Not the DOJ, government kind, if you follow my thoughts.  I am referring to the broader sense of the word.  In that a good deed deserves recognition and a bad one punished. The article I saw had me … Continue reading

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Body-work In Off-season

Being a marathoner, my body needs work.  Lots of them.  Not that I am overweight or in poor health.  Just that my body carries with it residual or side-effect from long distance running. For instance my lower body is very … Continue reading

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Social Media – Take It Or Leave It?

Social media provide a platform for free speech which is a Constitutional Right in the US.  So one can imaging the wild wild west of topics and opinions that have proliferated the social media. However freedom from government restriction (the … Continue reading

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Is Customer Always Right?

Customer is important.  Absolutely.  Ask any business (and by extension government).  Plain and simple, customers’ satisfaction affects the company’s bottom-line.  This is why company like the Ritz-Carlton provides outstanding customer service in order to command the premium prices. But is … Continue reading

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