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Trying Something New Or Different

  Everyone has routines.  How you brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on your shoes, are all parts of your daily routines.  They are key to our day-to-day life because they provide stability and efficiency to a chunk of … Continue reading

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US & China – What Now?

  China has concluded its 20th Party Congress. President Xi Jinping, after securing his power for a historical third term, offered an olive branch to President Biden yesterday. For sake of “global stability and . . . peace” China and US … Continue reading

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Floods & Droughts

  It hit me the other day regarding floods, droughts, and other mishaps. Why are they typically called  “natural disasters”? Is that really a misnomer?  Why do I think that? Allow me to explain. To me, it is not natural … Continue reading

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Customer Focus?

  A golden rule for any business to survive is to know what the customers want. So the business can provide the products or services to satisfy the customers’ needs. Sounds simple? The problem is with all the uncertainties in … Continue reading

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Why People Have Unacceptable Behaviors?

  News about unruly passengers, disruptive customers, or down right violent individuals begs  the question, why? What caused these people to act out in ways that are contrary to the established norms? Suffice to say, negative emotions are the common … Continue reading


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What Would Putin Do?

  Ukrainian military is handing Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a beat down in recent week. Which open a window for anti-Putin factions inside Russia to voice their opposition against the Russian leader’s specialized military operation. Internationally, Western sanctions against … Continue reading

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The Feeling Of Fall

  This morning I noticed lots of loose leaves along the route I ran.  Crunchy sounds as my feet landed on them reminded me the passage of time that once again fall is right around the corner (for those of … Continue reading

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What Inflation?

  “Inflation in the US and around the world is a big problem right now.” There, I just told you what I know about the inflation. Even that much I heard it from somewhere. But seems everyone is talking about … Continue reading

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  How much do you trust the information you’re getting? Do you feel compelled to fact-check their sources? What about the “Big Lie” touted by the former President Donald Trump? How deep would you dig to verify the accuracy? Misinformation … Continue reading

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Climate Change & Biodiversity

  The rising temperature is wreaking havoc across our world.  Increase in the intensity and frequency of wildfires, storms, and periods of drought are becoming common occurrences. As we live through these changes, what could be the impact to our … Continue reading

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