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What’s To Worry?

It is 12 April.  And if you live in the United States and haven’t filed your taxes, you have something to worry.  Because time is running out with the Internal Revenue Service filing deadline of 17 April 2018, only five … Continue reading

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In Real Life

Things are different in real life. Way more complicated than what meet the eyes. Never easy opening, nor happy ending. Everything in between is mystery wide as the Grand Canyon. Nobody told you?  Had to find out on your own? … Continue reading

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On Human Answer

The Nature’s answer is logical like the water cycle explainable by physics.  It makes our world ticks. And by extension, our human life and history possible. Our Human answer, on the other hand, is emotional.  Often justified with logic that is … Continue reading

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How Is Your Mojo?

In my recent wellness check up there was a question,”Couldn’t get going?” And I answered “No.”  It was a wake up call for me and made me realize that to keep myself energized, relying on others or externals was not … Continue reading

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I hate misplacing things.  It exacts such an emotional toll on me each time that I would spare nothing in trying to find the items.  Does it work? No. Not really.  Usually  the item turns up after I stop looking. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 18 Mar 2018

Technology can transport people quickly, but are we ready to move that fast? Given I have been away for a while, this week is a transition-home week including a visit to the MVA to get my car registered. The juxtaposition of seasonal … Continue reading

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Just Say No, Not

Saying no is easy when the recipient is someone else.   Why bother to make an effort, take a risk, or lift a finger to help someone?  It’s more work for us.  Isn’t it?   This is how I feel on my … Continue reading

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Little things can be real annoyances.  Temper tantrum, abrupt interruption, repeated mistake or something worse? Heaven forbids. Unfortunately, we all have our button(s) that if pushed make us go off the handle.  Blood pressure going through the roof, heartbeat racing … Continue reading

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Mourning is difficult.  I never know what is the “appropriate” boundary in these circumstances.  Too much grieving? Not dignified enough? How to remember? And most importantly, what to make of it? When I visited the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl … Continue reading

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Life’s Conflicts

Conflict in life is not only common but also unavoidable. Hollywood is known to make dramas out of human conflicts (e.g. hero and villains). In real life, each individual is different.  Chance of us getting cross-threaded happens more than Hollywood can … Continue reading

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