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Happy Valentine’s Day

  For many years, I fell in the trap of believing Valentine’s Day is only for the limited few and conspiracy by the business people. After all who needs roses or chocolates after being married for a couple of decades, … Continue reading

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Where Have Our Conscience Gone?

  Our conscience dictates what is right and wrong.  So the answer to the question of where have our conscience gone is: certainly not in the White House. Donald Trump has demonstrated via his Senate impeachment trial that the US … Continue reading

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The Feeling of Guilt

  According to psychologist Robert Plutchik, the feeling of guilt is a blend of our primary emotions: joy and fear. Does that make sense?   Not to me, not at first blush. Guilt to me is doing something I shouldn’t or … Continue reading

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Non-stop Exploring

  Curiosity and play are the two gifts we have since birth.  The two gifts that will keep on giving for a lifetime. In fact, our age should be a non-factor. But sorry to report that more often than not, … Continue reading

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Waiting, Part 2

  Patiently or anxiously waiting. Two feelings wrestle each other as I am expecting a car mechanic to show up at my front doorsteps to fix my car. The appointment has been scheduled and rescheduled three times for various reasons … Continue reading

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Not So Fast

  Seems like the older I get the more skeptical I become. Nothing is what it appears. Back stories after back stories can get quite complicated.  And not to mention, relationship is delicate to begin with.  So is digital technology … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Republicans Gone?

President Trump’s lies are pathological and well documented.   May be other presidents also lie, and Trump is just more unabashed?  Be that as it may, I am perplexed by the Republican Party, particularly its willingness to go along with the … Continue reading

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Going Home

  After 6 weeks of traveling, we returned home at last.  An overcast sky and a drowsy temperature awaited us.  No more the cheery aloha greetings of Hawaii nor the sunny palms of Southern Cal.  They seemed distant in memories.  … Continue reading

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Free To Be Me, Part 2

  Ah, last day of the year. Feels like I can do whatever, and tomorrow it will be all over and start anew. How powerful a concept can be. In reality, today is just another day. Twenty-four hours, no different … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 29 Dec 2019

Go with your gut is a sage advise that I grow to appreciate more as I age.  Intuition developed through our experiences is a trusted source even though we can’t explain it at times.  It’s a handy guide particularly during … Continue reading

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