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Sorting Out The Emotions

  Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.~ Pema Chodron Emotions run high as one reads the news headlines.  Following the attack on the US Capital last Wednesday, FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next … Continue reading

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A Sad Day In America

  Sadness washes over me as the footage of the mob storming the Capital played on my screen.  Law & order was nowhere in the temple of Democracy. Another preventable disaster that this administration has failed to mitigate. I do … Continue reading

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Last Day 2020 – Auld Lang Syne

On this very last day of an emotional year, many things are unsettled.  And yet people can’t wait to get the year over. It has been a year since the first Coronavirus case reported in Wuhan China.  A whole year.  … Continue reading

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“Dear 2020”

  “Dear 2020” is the title of a short video (04:11) that CNN compiled from asking people around the world to reflect on the year.  Understandably the impact of Coronavirus is felt world over.  So are other significant emotional events … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2020?

  Peace on earth and goodwill to all is what Christmas represents.  Supposedly.  But not so much given what have happened. To wit, a car bomb in Nashville, Capital of Tennessee, this morning blasted an entire block of its downtown.  … Continue reading

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Emotional Security

  Human beings are subjected to emotional swings.  That’s what makes us human. Plus, progress in life is usually derived from overcoming obstacles, be it personal, professional, or else.  In that context, my wife is an invaluable source for my … Continue reading

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Mother Nature

  Seeking peace from nature, where everything connects. When detached from her, we are lost. Lost in our identity, lost in our calling, and lost in our pathway home. Being in touch with nature lately?      

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Winter Mood of 2020

  The thermometer dial never made it up the hill today.  The highest it ever got to was mid 40’s Fahrenheit.  Along with it was my escalating winter mood. You see the winter solstice is still three weeks away. Yet … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 8 Nov 2020

No doubt the US election happened this week added to the historical significance of the year 2020.  While some ballots remain to be counted, Biden crossed the threshold and became the president-elect ending Trump’s one term presidency. To me the … Continue reading

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Trump Lost

  Late breaking news this morning that Biden has won Pennsylvania and subsequently secured enough electoral college votes to become the next (46th) President of the United States. In a historical race, Biden, 77 years old, sets the record for … Continue reading

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