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Do You Feel Me?

  Do you feel me?   A four simple word question that’s difficult to answer. Yeah, it’s tempting to just say ‘yes’ but that would be a lie. For no two persons feel the same, let alone feeling for others. … Continue reading

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Veterans Day 2022

  Today is Friday and in particular the Veterans Day, a federal holiday. Thanks to all those who served for us to enjoy what we have. But is that really happening or words of a token appreciation? The media seem … Continue reading

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The Highs and Lows of Emotional Journey

  Without the highs and lows, our emotional lives could be as interesting as door nobs. Too much, on the other hand, we would be up the wall (or worse as I will explain below). If you are wondering how … Continue reading

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Midterm Election Eve

  Christmas Eve it is not. But, tonight, on this midterm election eve, is vying for an  unparalleled anticipation on the  outcomes for tomorrow. Highly unusual for a non-presidential off-year election, you say. Yes, perhaps indicative how politically divided the  … Continue reading


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What Do I Hope For?

  I hope tomorrow will be better than today. Not that I am having a bad day nor trying to emulate a Miss Universe beauty pageant answer. But metaphorically, the world is hurting. Pain and suffering are everyday events.  Even … Continue reading

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US & China – What Now?

  China has concluded its 20th Party Congress. President Xi Jinping, after securing his power for a historical third term, offered an olive branch to President Biden yesterday. For sake of “global stability and . . . peace” China and US … Continue reading

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Squeaky Wheel

  Loudest voice wins, if only we allow it. Allow me to explain. In today’s prolific social media, the “loudest voice” means attracting the most attention – the number of clicks, followers, or forwards tops all other merits. Hence, the … Continue reading

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Customer Focus?

  A golden rule for any business to survive is to know what the customers want. So the business can provide the products or services to satisfy the customers’ needs. Sounds simple? The problem is with all the uncertainties in … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 2 Oct 2022

Destruction of Hurricane Ian was felt by folks in Florida over the weekend and up the east coast. Its power as a category 4 hurricane ranked as a one-in-500 year event. Unfortunately, disaster as such will be more frequent due … Continue reading

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Genuine Human Engagement

  Human are emotional beings. Any relationship entanglement invariably pushes us toward the abyss of individual emotions. Deeper the involvement, the more attention is needed. Path to true satisfaction stems from the discovery of emotional truth on both sides. In … Continue reading

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