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Olympic Dishonesty

  It is hot & humid here in Washington DC with temperature in the low 90’s and Dew Point 71 degree Fahrenheit.  But in comparison, I feel a lot worse for the athletes competing in the Tokyo summer Olympics.  Because … Continue reading

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Law Of Proxemics

Being near to the Nation’s Capital, one could not help but be drowning in politics – always news, scandals, and intrigues.  As politics goes, Washington DC is the seat of power and the playground for power junkies. From the President … Continue reading

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More Fires & Floods

  The weather disaster headlines today are concerning:  “The largest wildfire in the US is only 7% contained,” reads the CNN and “Europe floods: At least 120 dead and hundreds unaccounted for,” the BBC.  Are these the writings on the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 4 Jul 2021

Happy Fourth! America.  Yes the Coronavirus pandemic is still with us, but there are lots to be happy on this holiday. For one, almost 60% of all adults in the US are fully vaccinated and 67% had got at least … Continue reading

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How Just Is Our Justice System?

  Innocent until proven guilty is a precept under our legal framework.  The process of proving someone’s guilt is conducted inside a courtroom.  But like any human systems, error happens.  The question is how much error can we tolerate? Would … Continue reading

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Why? Why? Why?

  A few pieces of news have been swirling in my head: The 12 story Miami Condominium that partially collapsed in the middle of the night (Thursday morning 1:30 AM to be specific) with 4 dead and 159 missing. A … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness We Are Free

  The number of Americans have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 as of yesterday are at 45.8% and 54.1% (full and one shot only respectively).  The progress is slower than the White House has hoped which is 70% by the … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 30 May 2021

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer.  Instead of backyard cookout, the occasion is punctuated by rain, and hot-cold weather.  Which has my house air conditioning and heat cycling on and off.  Confusing as it may, one thing … Continue reading

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Winning At All Costs?

  Senate Republicans today blocked a bill that would form an Independent bipartisan commission to investigate the 6 January assault on the Capital. Yes, the one that happened merely four months ago with 5 people died, 140 injured, and 495 … Continue reading

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Forces Of Un-nature

  In nature many forces exist: gravity, polarity, heat, wind, etc.  The list goes on.  These forces of nature are, for the most part, in balance.  Seasonal hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires not withstanding.   We have pretty much learned, or are learning, to … Continue reading

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