Writing As An Exercise

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”Use-it-or-lose-it,“ everyone has heard it before. And I bear witness to that saying as absolutely true. More so as I grow older and my motivation for writing.

You see, our mind trick us, thinking that we got it. Whatever the “it” is. But in reality, our thoughts, as brainwaves, do not last. So if I want to retain it, better write it down.

Writing is my exercise for the brain. I write daily, at least I try. It is my way to stave off my mind becoming senile, dull, or wasted. The exercise pushes me to use my pea brain.  Because I like to hang on to it however little it may be and as long as possible.

I am certain that day will come when I won’t be able to put my thoughts into words, can’t remember day from night, nor can’t make head or tail out of simplest things. But I rather that day be later than sooner. As long as I keep writing as an exercise.

What do you think about writing?


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2 Responses to Writing As An Exercise

  1. I don’t really see it as an exercise, unless it’s a real exercise, like ‘describe a room without using adjectives’ or ‘write a dialogue without dialogue tags’.

    But in my everyday journalling, I do see it as a way of listening to myself. Keep up the habit!


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