First Snow

First Snow of 2022

On this third day of the new year, we got our first snow for the year. Yes indeed. 

It was a surprise because just a day before, we were in the low 60’s (Fahrenheit). Then, over night, the snow came and transformed our neighborhood into a winter wonderland. If it were a week earlier that would have been perfect for the Christmas holiday, just saying. 

According to the forecast, Washington DC area got blanketed with 6 to 10 inches of the powdery snow. It came rather quickly in the middle of the night.  Perhaps around 3 AM.  It grew fierce into a white-out condition during the dawn hours. And by afternoon, the snow stopped.

From an efficiency point, it was a very good storm – 12 hours, and it was done.  School kids and government employees also got an unexpected day off.  With the the chilly temperature projected for tomorrow, this beautiful scenery will last a bit longer for us to enjoy. Maybe I will build a snowman tomorrow.

How is the weather for you in the New Year?

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