First Snow (Emergency)

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Unbeknownst to me, the beautiful scenery from yesterday’s snow storm turned into a miserable nightmare for many. Here is what happened (or happening):

Yesterday afternoon, a 6 tractor-trailer accident on the Interstate 95 south of Washington DC has caused a traffic backup that stretched for 48 miles. For those not familiar with the Interstate 95, it is the main north-south interstate highway on the US east coast connecting Florida to Main.

Weather was the cause for the accident. Frozen road surface particularly on the on-off ramps and overpasses made it difficult for snow plows, tow trucks, and other emergency vehicle to access the affected areas. In essence that portion of the I-95 was shutdown.

As a result, drivers were stranded over night on the interstates for hours, some over 12 hours. US Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia was among the stranded travelers. Kaine is commuting from Richmond , Virginia to DC and has been stuck for 19 plus hours.

Imaging the situation exacerbated by abandoned vehicles from out of water, food, and fuel on top of the accident. The situation is so dire, Virginia governor has pleaded for all Virginians to stay off the I-95 to facilitate the rescue efforts.

This is a developing story. Which means some travelers may have been stranded close to 24 hours by now. Just the thought of it makes me shiver for these folks.  

Stay tune.

Update 2022.01.05 – The I-95 was re-openned yesterday afternoon, after a full day of closure. Senator Kaine was trapped for 27 hours amongst the motorists.


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