The Cicadas Are Gone!

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Believe it or not.  It was all quiet waking up this morning.

Yes, the sounds of the cicada chorus that have been hypnotizing me for the past weeks are gone.  Just like that overnight.  Poof. Instead, the familiar birds’ chirping are back. I suppose they are happy feasting on the cicadas.

Just yesterday, I felt something on my neck while going into the store.  With a quick swipe, I saw it sure enough a cicada who was catching a free ride into the store on my account.  But today as if someone flipped a switch, the cicadas are gone.

Mother Nature is magical. I could not fathom how it is done with such timing and efficiency. Sure puts our human efforts to shame.

Gone for another 17 years.

If you missed the cicadas, you can order them in chocolate covered limited 2021 edition.


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2 Responses to The Cicadas Are Gone!

  1. earthskyair says:

    Mother Nature really is magical, Terry, isn’t she? Amazing stuff.🌷

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