My Coldest Run

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While visiting Fairbanks, Alaska last September, I experienced a thermo-chock. The local temperature was 27 degree Fahrenheit. I couldn’t stay outdoor long without freezing my buns. That was then. Today, Washington DC was under the spill of an extreme winter condition. Temperature barely reached 20 degree.

But during this morning, the temperature was only in the single digit, 6 degree to be precise when I ran. It didn’t escape my mind that the unusual cold could be hazardous to personal health. Only two days ago, local cold emergency alert urged folks to stay indoor as much as possible.

Why did I run?

You see, deep inside, I was curious how it feels to run in such extreme cold. It would be a first and the coldest run for me. Long story short, I decided to give it a try given the outdoor was stone-cold dry and little wind chills. Below are what I discovered.

The trail I usually run on Saturday was frozen and stubborn hard. Icy patches from the thawing the day before refroze overnight sprinkled throughout. I did not take a chance with them. Upon each, I stopped my run and walked gingerly around. Surprised to see many trees down along with their broken pieces and loose branches blocking the passage.

As for me, bundled from head to toes, only my eyes were exposed to the element. In the beginning of my run, I was cold. Even with two pairs of gloves, yes one on top of another, my finger tips felt the frostbite-like sting. But that eventually went away as my body warmed up. By that time, I also realized I had overdressed.

Oh well, better safe than sorry. Wouldn’t you say?

What is the coldest weather you have run in?

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