Being Responsible & Compassionate

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A fundamental belief of mine is that we are responsible, as adults, for ourselves and our actions.

A responsible person, in my view, is response-able to the reality they face. Quality of their  responses aside, these people can handle whatever the reality handed to them. Of course, we all make mistakes.  But responsible people learn from their mistakes.

On the flip side, an irresponsible person cannot, or choose not to, deal with reality. They go through life and take no ownership for their actions.  When things go wrong, they let others take the blame. It’s anybody’s, but their fault. God forbid.

Needless to say, I admire responsible people and hold compassion toward them (Believe I am not alone here).  However, it’s the irresponsible tribe, children and sick people notwithstanding, whom I have a harder time feeling for them.

My view is the world already has enough problems. Better to be a part of the solutions, instead of the problems.

Am I being too critical?


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2 Responses to Being Responsible & Compassionate

  1. Dylan Raines says:

    I would only say you are being too critical if you cannot see all the variables at play which have contributed to someone being “irresponsible.” I think that seeing those variables in another person’s life, can help us be able to help them become response-able, as you have said.


    • terryshen says:

      The understanding you referred to, Dylan, is an important part of our relationships. Everyone is struggling with their own battles that are not apparent to others. I however have less patient with healthy able panhandlers or mass shooters as to find out the why’s in those cases. Room for improvement with my compassion, I know. Thanks for sharing.


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