2023 Job Openings!

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Speaker of the House  – that is the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. The job is still open after three days and ten rounds of voting.  And you don’t have to be an elected Representative in order to qualify for the job. The job pays well and holds the seat of power if you enjoy that kind of things.

CEO of Twitter – another position that draws lots of publicity after Elon Musk ( the current CEO) put his job to a vote and lost. Clearly, this is a case of buyer’s remorse for Mr. Musk, who forked out a whopping  $44 billions dollars to buy the company.

CEO of Southwest Airline – even though this job is currently not open, it should be after the airline’s  meltdown over the Christmas holiday. (Full disclosure: my son was flying from LAX to DCA via HOU on Christmas Eve.  He was stuck in Houston and missed our family Christmas dinner.)

Would you take any of these jobs?

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