Explaining Myself

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What I believe, if resonate with others, become the common threads connecting me and the people.  Social media have made that feasible.  So long as I can articulate whatever is on my mind, putting them into words in the form that others can understand.

That last part is a real doozy – explain myself, at least what is on my mind.  Often what crystal clear to me, in my head, is a quantum leap in logic.  What obvious to me is not necessarily so to others.  How could anybody find it resonating if confused?

This blog was for me.  Mainly as my marathon training journal to capture the trials and tribulations of conquering the 26.2 miles.  But it expanded to include off seasons, stuffs happened in between races, and (my) life’s events.  It grew, and so did I.

Along the way, I get to explain about my involvements.  Not just running, but also  community happenings,  hobbies, views about politics, or even the weather sometimes.  And I like it.  Because: it’s a win-win proposition, and I care about what I write.   

What subject do you find yourself explaining the most? the best?


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