Update On COVID-19 Test Kits

Time to do a follow up on the status of the test kits.  Spoiler alert –  we are still short.

To be fair, US now leads the world in the number of cases with COVID-19 and deaths as result (466,651 and 16,610 respectively as of today).  Which means we have done a lot of testings, but still not able to produce enough test kits to keep up with the demand of the pandemic.

While China seems to have got over its COVID-19 peak, rest of the world is struggling along bearing the brunt of the virus.  With over 1.6 million of the world population infected, demand for test kits outpaces supply and fierce competitions  among countries for materials and medical supplies.

Without adequate test kits, no one knows if we are ahead or behind the curve.  Sorta like a blind leading the blind. We are relying on self reporting.  On the other hand, with enough test kits we can sample far and wide to collect data and gain knowledge on the scope and effect of this virus.

We will get there one day.  By then we will have a chance honing in and turning this pandemic around utilizing Big data, Artificial Intelligence, and all the technologies at our disposal. Meanwhile, let’s keep  social distancing.

Which do you think works better in combating the virus: competition or cooperation?

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