A Case For Social Distancing

I like the term social distancing. It sounds more friendly and less ominous than the other terms such as separation, quarantine, isolation, etc. Especially used in the context of  confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe social distancing suits our values.

By definition, all these terms, and “social distancing” included, serve the same purpose of restricting public gathering to stop or slow down the contagious public disease.  Depending on the underlying healthcare cases, each approach differs.

Not putting a value judgment on the  Chinese or Italian.  I am certain these folks are doing what they deemed necessary.  But history has shown time and again when Americans are challenged, we answer the calls and rise to the occasion. The COVID-19 is our challenge now.

So as the professionals are racing to develop the vaccines, test kits, or treatments for the infected, we can all do our part by cooperating with social distancing if needed.  Yes, our lives will be affected and inconvenient. But it is only a short term sacrifice with big payoff.

Social distancing will slow down the spread of the virus, buy time for the cure to be developed and allow the critical patients be cared for.

Are you aware of the COVID-19 symptoms?

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