My Pandemic Running Windfall

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The Coronavirus has shutdown many road races, particularly the major ones, for the fear of  they becoming superspreader events. So for the past eighteen months my running has been casual with a serendipitous twist. I’m more plugged in with the seasons.

No question that running outdoor has the benefits of fresh air, sun, and different scenery – all good for my physical as well as mental health.  But prior to the pandemic, a chunk of my runs (20 weeks worth) were devoted to my marathon training.

Usually it’s from late April through most of September (depending on which marathon I pick).  During this duration, my training plan is my daily guide. Or more precisely, it’s my focus.  Starts with Day 1 Week 1: what was the goal I try to accomplish, how far and how fast, etc. all the way to the race day itself (Day 7 Week 20).

So consumed in fact, I would barely observe the seasonal changes other than how hot was the temperature and whether I needed to bring a water bottle for the run. Nor would I notice the gradual daylight change throughout the period. Not to mention all the nature’s responses along the way.

But the pandemic changed all that.  Without the pressure of training, I get to take in the subtle changes.  From shedding my winter layers, transition into more free running, to now where a tank top feels a bit cool, I see my shadow lengthening as the sun climbs up to the sky later and later in the mornings. I’m grateful for such experience.

How has the pandemic affected your running?

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