Time Passage

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Right about now, end of November and beginning of December, I feel this passage of time like loose sands slipping through my fingers. No matter how hard I try to hold on, it flies, like a roll of toilet paper, faster and faster toward the end.

With only a little over a month left in this year, where has the time gone? Just the thought of it feels like a bad dream. Cold sweat start to breaking out. You see, through daily blogging, I attempt at slowing down the time so it won’t be a blur. But . . .

So much of this year resembles the last. Except it is worse: Covid is still around, inflation is sky high, and the Ruski is messing with Ukraine and causing food & energy crises throughout the world.

Could it get worse before it gets better? I suppose so. Human nature suggests as much. Many struggles have followed similar path. And people survived somehow. So while the light at the end of the tunnel is not visible, it will. Keep that hope alive.

How do you feel about the time passage? 




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