Rail Worker Strike?

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The US Rail workers will go on strike if an agreement is not reached by 9 December 2022. That is in 10 days time.

More specifically, four of the 12 rail unions are pushing for more negotiations on, among other things, paid sick leave. A rail strike would have a devastating impact to the US economy, 1 billion dollars in just the first week.

President Biden averted a rail strike back in September by brokering a pay raise. But he is now asking the Congress to step in and pass a legislation that would force a settlement between the unions and the workers. This Congressional authority is unique because the railway serves as the lifeline to the nation’s economy (Railway Labor Act of 1926).

Of course, asking the Congress to act is never easy. Let alone to act in short-order. Never mind that it is in the nation’s best interest for the Congress to intervene and to put aside partisan politics for the greater good.

Opportunist could hold the public hostage in exchange for personal gain. Won’t be the first time if  that happens.

Do you think a rail strike will happen? Or should the rail workers be allowed to strike?

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