Third Place (or Space)

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Learned a new term “third place” or space today. Unfamiliar with the term other than rank ordering, I looked it up.

In essence, it is a term referring to social surroundings other than home and workplace – the traditional first and second space. Third place could be a space like public library, cafe, park, community center, online forum & game-room or anywhere one can frequent to socialize and maintain connection.

Being retired, I don’t have a workplace. But an example of my Third Place is the local Panera Bread I visit with my running group members every Saturday after our run. Being a regular, I feel comfortable visiting there. Always relaxed and ready to enjoy the good coffee/tea and conversation. A home away from home for me.

Why the interest on the Third place, you ask?  Apparently, we have an epidemic of loneliness and isolation according to the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Vivek Murthy. And facilities like the Panera Bread serves as a third place for people to use in strengthening their social connection.

What’s your favorite third space(s) that you go and engage people?


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