A Meaningful life

Safe to say that most people, if not all, want a meaningful life.   Not going to argue what “Meaningful” is as that is in the eyes of the beholder and determined by each individual.

What less certain is how many people actually achieve a meaningful life. Because as most of us learnt, wanting and getting are two different things.  Just because I want something there is no guaranty I will get it.

The gap between the wanting and achieving is where life is made of and meaning derived.  To bridge that gap, in simplest terms, it boils down to three steps: goals, discipline, and  awareness.

Setting goal is the first necessary step.  Without a goal, there is no destination, target or focus. Anything would do? Most likely not.  A clearly defined goal, on the other hand, provides the path needed to reach the goal.

With the goal set, the second step of discipline provides the key ingredient in execution. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Persistent actions through baby steps toward the goal make it bite size and feasible.

After the goal and discipline, the third step of awareness is the all important feedback. Is the goal still feasible?  Should the discipline be modified?  Life is dynamic.  So should one’s strategy.

Do the three steps.  Repeat as needed.

A meaningful life is within your reach.

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