Are We Prepared?

Flew into Washington Reagan National Airport the other night.  From high above the sky, the lights of the city was mesmerizing. Like jewels sparkling with brilliance.

And my thought continued – all that glitters were made possible by electricity, what if and just by chance if the electricity went out?  Besides the obvious answer of darkness, what would happen?

Of course, the easy way out was to believe that being the Nation’s Capital, a black out would never happen here.  Be it a national emergency plan, emergency preparedness strategy, or contingency operation blue print, something of that sort must exist, somewhere in the government.  Who else could keep the lights on and the free world safe?

But the fact remains that black out happens, more than once. We don’t like to admit it. But each time when the unthinkable strikes, it was disastrous.  Why?

We have come to rely on and expect electricity to be there for just about everything in our lives. Heck, the airplane I was sitting on relies on the electricity to operate and to land, for crying out loud.  What a chilling thought that was!

Just about then, the PA came on and had an announcement that we were about to land.

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