A Humorless Time?

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Can’t remember the last time when I laughed ’till tears came out of my eyes. Hasn’t happened because the past eighteen months seem filled with constant fears, pent up frustrations, and a sense of everlasting hopelessness caused by events around us.

Malls and theaters are closed. Airline travels and cruises feel like tin-can incubators.  Even places of worship are not exempted.  People that are supposed to protect and serve become the ones to watch out. Before our frayed nerve recovers another crisis emerges somewhere.

Natural disasters of wildfires, floods, and hurricanes are no laughing matters. Neither is policing. At least not to the victims and those with decency and compassion.  Adding insult to injury are wars which result no winners (think Afghanistan).

Only solace remains that it could have been worse. For real?  Is it the time or just me?

What about you? How are you coping?


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