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Administrative burden is often associated with bureaucracy, as Dara Lind put it, “the amount of time and energy people waste in interacting with the government.”

But, the government does not have exclusivity on it.  Large corporations are not exempt from the bureaucracy.  Ever experienced being putting on hold when calling for customer service? The difference is the business is guided by profit motive while the government by its people.

Sadly, costs of these burdens are not limited to physical but also emotional, financial, and other struggles.  And they are felt on a real and tangible level. If you have tried to get a Covid-19 at-home test kit, you know what I mean. 

The worst of all is the disadvantaged or those who can least afforded take the brunt of the costs.  In theory, the government should do everything it can to minimize the burden for its people. But what’s the reality?

What burdens have you felt from the government’s responses to the Coronavirus pandemic?

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