Week In Review – 6 Feb 2022

My nightmare of the American politics matches my mood with  the weather. How depressing! Six more weeks of winter.

We’re in the second month of the “new” year.  Things look bleak.  Gridlock on the Capital Hill is getting nothing done.  Has everyone given up on trying and just waiting on the midterm election?  With our former president taking pot shots from his exile down south, not exactly an inspiring thought.

The grim outlook is bolstered by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Which is not limited to the US.  Even though the Winter Olympics is happening in Beijing, the biggest challenge for the athletes seems to be their journey getting into the Beijing’s closed-loop system.

The thought of World peace is far from people’s mind, given all the trouble spots.  Instead, world conflict is the more likely term that will endure. On top of it all, insecurities of food, water, air induced by climate change will drive countries further into conflicts.

Perhaps the saying it is the darkest before the dawn applies. At least, I hope so.

Despite my gloomy outlook, important to note that our happiness is always, and only, within our control.  Relying on external factors is a guarantee for discontentment.  Better to seize the moment and take steps to make yourself happy.

Don’t have to look far.  The solution may be as simple as how your relationship is defined between the question and answer.  

Stay safe & have a nice week

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