Information – A Double-Edge Sword

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In this digital world, information hold the potential to influence people and affect event outcome. Powerful tool. Thereby, there is the abundance of information, misinformation, and noises.  No shortage of them all.

To wit, was the 2020 US election stolen or not? Was the Ukraine invasion a specialized military operation or a war? Should the Federal Reserve raise the interest rate or not? Depending on the audience, one person’s information is the other’s misinformation.

So how does one discern the real from the fake?

Good question.  And I wish I have a ready made answer. But I don’t.  More than likely, people get turn-off by the voluminous information & misinformation. They throw up their hands.

But what if the event is personal where we have to make a choice? Such as getting a vaccination.

Best I can suggest is to know what you’re looking for and check the sources as much as possible. Double check or triple check if you must. After that, go with what your gut says.

How do you discern the real from the fake?

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