Countdown To Thanksgiving

Two day to the infamous “eat your heart out” Thanksgiving dinner.  The feast takes place at our uncle/ aunt’s big house.  The only one that is spacious enough for all the relatives to gather without piling on top of each other.

It is a good time to share with the relatives, although not without preparation.  Every family brings a dish or two.  Plenty of food and drink to consumre.  Catching up on what’s happening with each family, and learning about the latest news, etc. are all part of our Thanksgiving traditions.

Lately, however I noticed our dinner seems to get started earlier and earlier.  This year, it  will be at 5pm.  Not sure if the creeping up has anything to do with getting a jump on the Black Friday Sales.  But some merchants/ stores would have no qulm swapping the turkey dinner for extra revenues.

Personally, I don’t do Black Fridays.  Not because I am a traditionalist.  Just not interested in fighting the crowd.  There is a Best Buy on the way to our uncle’s Big House.  Without failure, I see people lining up outside the store waiting for the doors to open each year.

I have no desire to participate in the stampede.  Cyber Monday, now  that is a different story.  With the Thanksgiving leftover in the frig, I am prepared letting the fingers do the “walking” and UPS/FedEx do the delivering.

Are you ready for the holiday?  What else do you need to do?

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