Covid-19, US Update #8

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The Coronavirus case is in a lull in the US. All 50 states will have lifted their mask mandate by this Friday (25 March). Mask mandate in public mode of traveling (think bus, train, airplane) is still required until 18 April.

Is the worst of the pandemic over? The answer is no, despite the public perception. Both Asian and Europe are facing a resurgence of the dreaded Omicron variants of the Coronavirus. A new subvariant called BA.2 is 30 percent more contagious than the BA.1 Omicron variant that dominated our winter surge.

Statistically, the US typically follows the uptick in UK by a couple of weeks. Therefore the lull we are experiencing is merely a time lag. The battle isn’t over. And the Congress needs to, instead of slashing the Covid budget, restored the funds so we can continue to fight this pandemic. Meanwhile, don’t throw away your mask.

Update #7, here.

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