Against The Natural Order?

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All living creatures on this planet, human included, follow the circadian rhythms as the earth evolves around the sun. Within the 24 hours cycle between night and day, rhythms for sleep, awake, hunger, movement, and other vital functions are all embedded in the cells among us. Chronobiology is the name for this specialty.

Certainly we don’t have to be chronobiologists to relate to the natural rhythms. In fact, animals and plants know the rhythms by instinct. Us human, on the other hand, are the ones that risk losing touch with our natural rhythms. To wit, our 24 X 7 always-on culture runs against our innate instinct.

Any wonder, people are experiencing health disorders? Sure, we have technology at our disposal and pills for our ailments. But too naive to pretend we can fix everything. We can’t.  And ignoring the balance will only exacerbate the chaos inherent in our system. 

Imbalances occur whenever we push the system over the limits. Whether it’s inflammation with our body, instability with our climate, or cancer with our health, clear signs abound that we are abusing ourselves as well as our planet, knowingly or not.

The consequences are already in front of us. Instead of trying to fix it, wouldn’t it be better to observe the nature and work toward solutions that are align with it?  

Do you feel that we are out of balance?


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