Violence Is Not Acceptable

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Over the weekend lots of violence around.  Why is this happening? Could it be that some people are mistaking our freedoms or taking them to the extreme? I will take a stab at probing that question in this post.

Violence is unacceptable. Someone may counter that self-defense is a justification for  violence. But I would label “self-defense” as is and not confusing it as violence. Because violence has the intent to harm while self-defense is a response.  They are different in  intentions.

Police may apply excessive force (which is illegal), but their roles are not instigating violence. Russia invading Ukraine is a clear act of violence, but the US and West sanctions and boycotts, while may seem harmful, are responses to Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. Russia is the one committing violence.

By the way, violence has many forms other than physical harm. Such as psychological violence or word violence. Regardless the form, violence is unacceptable in any forms. Which brings me to the topic of hate speech. Is it the same as free speech? The answer is clearly a “no.”

Free speech as specified by our First Amendment guarantees each individual the “freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.” Further, it  prohibits the government from restricting those freedoms. Harming others through words or other means is not free speech.

What do you think people taking freedoms to the extreme is contributing to  the violence around the country?

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