Normalizing The Problem?

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Today is 30 June 2022. Half of this year is history. Let me repeat that, half of the year has already happened. Couldn’t help to wonder if things would be the same in 6 more months?

Let’s see: Covid-19 is going on two and a half year. Russian invaded Ukraine more than four months ago. Feels like we’ve grown numb about these adversities. Is it emotional/ attention fatigue, despair, or people normalizing the negatives?

Not a criticism but more of an observation.  The same can be said about a host of other existential challenges such as climate crises, food insecurities, etc. Granted we can’t solve all the problems at once.  But normalizing them will only make us the boiling frog.

Do you feel that issues are being normalized?

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2 Responses to Normalizing The Problem?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    COVID-19 has become normalized and I think Ukraine has also.
    We’ll have to see if recent SCOTUS decisions become normalized. So many hot button issues.
    All of us have MTV jump-cut attention spans. If a war lasts more than a few months, we just have to move on. Our brains can handle anything that lasts that long.


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