Should And Will

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Obeying speed limit, eating healthy, and exercising regularly are examples of what we should do. What will we do? That’s a whole different story.

You see the “should” deals with theory. Mostly academic if you will. Particularly when we were young.  Whereas the “will”  involves reality and more circumstantial.  Typically when we get older. No more answers at the back of the textbook.

Doctors face this often. If patients follow the doctors’ order, life would be different. The hospital would be less crowded. Healthcare cost would reduce.  The same can be said about parents. Less rebellious teenagers at home, in theory.

Such is life. We spend a chunk of it learning the should’s. What should I say? What should I wear? Where should I live? But ultimately it’s what we will do that define us. The “should’s” deal with the others’ expectations. The “will’s” are all about us.

What will you choose?

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