Are Social Media Legit?

Social media was born two decades ago.  Now, they are everywhere, serving as the veins of social networking and information. They even helped Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Whether latest buzz, breaking news, or weather reports, chances are social media play a role in our choices to plug in for the information.  So here is the question:  as ubiquitous as they are, are social media real? or more importantly are they legit?

First, social media provide a virtual reality, not to be confused with the physical reality. Sort of like the question: is perception reality?  The answer is No. Perception is perception, not the reality. Can’t eat a virtual pie. Same goes with the social media.

Second, if the social media are not reality, how legitimate are they?  Does number of likes or follows really amount to anything other than psychological effect (and be monetized for advertising)?  And by extension, can presidential tweets replace his Executive Orders?

And, not to mention the problems of hacking and fake news . . .

How much do you value the social media? How much do you trust them?




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