Week In Review – 9 Sep 2018

Ran the Erie Marathon today.  While the official result is yet to be posted, my watch has me finishing at 3.35:11.  Very lucky that the rain held off until later in the day and did not rain on the marathon.

With that, my marathon training is over.  No more Day X Week Y journal entries until the next marathon which may be the 2019 Boston for me.  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Marathon challenge is real.  Happy to report that we have two brand new marathoners among our group (PJ & Jamie).  Both did extremely well for their very first 26.2 mile race and undoubtedly had a transformation event of a life time.

Lastly, the Big Data is a getting bigger. How to make sense from it?  As a starter, check the context where the big data belong.

Have a nice week.

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