Off-season Should Be Pain-free

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Training can be stressful. Pains due to strain, overuse, or worst, injury, all self induced, are common symptoms associated with any kinds of physical training. After all, isn’t it the price of admission for pushing the envelopes?

And most people respond with the nonchalant “press on.”  They log in the scheduled miles, push through the workout intensities, and joggle priorities such as work, family and other obligations along with the training.  All parts of the trade-off. 

Life is a trade-off.  I get it.  Being there, done that.

But off-season, honestly, should be pain free.  Not to be confused with stress-free. Because proper amount of stress keeps us fit and healthy.  In off-season, the impetus to pressing the limits evaporates.  Bleeding edge is no longer necessary. And certainly no reason for the pains.

Whether it’s time to recover, to improve skills or develop new ones, the off-season is the right time. Go for it whatever it maybe. Take the time to enjoy.

All without pain.

What strategy works for you in off-season?

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