COVID-19: US Update


First US case of the COVID-19 was reported on Jan 21, 2020.  Today, sixty-three days later (March 24), the confirmed cases in US has risen to 49,619 (and 615 deaths) including every 50 states.

Out of that total, the state of New York has more than half of the cases 25,665 (210), followed by New Jersey 2,844 (27) California 2,240 (41), Washington 2,101 (109) and Florida 1,401 (17). Rounding out the top five states (Source: New York Times).

Clearly, the pandemic is spreading like a wildfire with no end in sight. However Mr.Trump, after declaring a national emergency on March 13, wants people back to work and businesses reopen by Easter (April 12).

Can’t fathom how Mr. Trump drew that call given the US is behind in testing, short on medical supplies and beds to handle the pandemic explosion.  Yes, economy is important, especially if one is running for President. But for most people, they would rather have health than wealth.

Would you agree in terms of priority that health comes before wealth?

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