Effective Policing

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With policing in the limelight, lots of voices on its reform are being raised.  Emotions aside, how many people understand what policing is about?  If any area of policing is to be de-funded, what is the impact to the community?  What about crime rate?

Here is an article I came across  that sheds lights on the topic. The article is a long read and from The Atlantic Magazine back in March 1982.  Its content, in spite of being almost two decades old, is amazingly relevant to the discussions today.

The article reviews the history and role of policing, foot versus squad car patrol, and community’s expectation and responsibility regarding policing.  The article certainly will not answer our problems (that is the job for us), but it shares insights that can contribute to the current debates.

Do you think police is a crime fighter, peace keeper, or neighborhood watch?

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2 Responses to Effective Policing

  1. earthskyair says:

    Interesting read and food for thought, Terry. From the article, “The essence of the police role in maintaining order is to reinforce the informal control mechanisms of the community itself,” but that implies we are starting with a healthy community. 🦋


  2. terryshen says:

    Exactly,Nancy. If the community is unhealthy,no policing is going to turn it around. The role of police is supportive (i.e. maintaining public order) in nature, and it’s up to us to control our destiny. So in other words, it is us who enabled police brutality and us to make the change.


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