The Mind – Body Connection





Mind and body are co-dependent, can’t do one without the other.  Be that as it may, what about the connection between the two?  Yes, the ampersand in the figure above. Neither the mind nor the body can exists without the “and.” How does that relationship work? Does one lead to the other? Or vice versa?

To me, the co-dependent relationship between the mind and body plays out as follows:

The mind needs to take care the body. If not, as when the body is in pain or hunger, the mind will be distracted incessantly. Or, if the air is sucked out of the room, the mind will not be able to function. Without the body, the active mind ceases to exist.  

The primordial needs of our body for food, air, and rest can not be ignored, nor substituted. On that last part, some would use drug or alcohol to mask the body’s signals. But that will not work long. The body will deteriorate, and the mind follows.

In return, the body manifests what is on our mind, faithfully.  Whether we are scared, happy, or  angry, our body shows. Symptoms like ulcer, hypertension, or depression are signs of a mind going awry.  The body does not deceive. Its reliability is central as in breathing in meditation to calm the mind.

The power of our mind separates us human from all other living beings. Whatever our mind can conceive and believe, our body will achieve. Human achievements throughout our history are testaments to what this amazing connection can do. And the possibility is endless.  

Have you checked your mind-body connection lately?

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