Twitter 2.0?

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After much hoopla, Elon Musk finally bought Twitter three weeks ago. As its Chief Twit, what is Musk going to do with the social media company? That’s a $44 billion dollar question.

Leaving no room to imagination, Musk slashed 3,700 jobs, or half of Twitter’s workforce, right off the bat.  He then followed up with an email demanding the rest to “work long hours at high intensity” or quit. Which triggered massive resignations and forced the company to lock its employees out until coming Monday.

No doubt, Mr. Musk is a smart business person, having successful track records with Tesla, Space-X, and a host of other business ventures. But I want to say Twitter is different. As a social networking platform, it deals with public opinions and freedom of speech. Both are subjects difficult to control.

Thus far, Musk’s leadership style seems to be cross threading with the company he just acquired. Will he re-image the company? What will become Twitter 2.0? My guess is we will soon find out.

What do you think will happen to Twitter?

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