Quality Time?

When it comes to quality time, it is easy to confuse it with good time.  Even though both have positive connotation, there is a key difference – a quality time requires much more engagements than a good time.

I could drink myself silly and have a good time.  But I would not call it a quality time.  What missing are “engagements” of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Difficult to share time, quality or not, when physically apart.  Try as one might, but phone or video call, letters or email are substitutes only.  They are not the real thing.  Hence, “wishing you were here.”

Moreover, occupying the same space does not mean quality time either.  If one’s mind is somewhere else, physical presence provides appearance of connection.  No real substance.  Loneliness happens even when one is not alone.

With interactions from the heart, real connection happens. They are foundation for quality time and bases for relationship building.  Ultimately, it takes alignment of spirits to yield fruits of quality time.

What does quality time mean to you?

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2 Responses to Quality Time?

  1. Laurie says:

    To me, quality time means doing something that totally engages me. It could be running, yoga, playing with my grandchildren or just looking out the window. As long as I am here, in the moment, I consider it quality time.


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